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Question: Oxygen facial?

Asked by makeupartistpro1 4 years ago

5 answers

what exactly is an oxygen facial ?
What's the procedure like ?
and how does it benefit the health of our clients skin?

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traceybell 4 years ago

Hi There, oxygen facials like any other type of facial are subject to good and bad reviews - it really depends what you want to achieve from the facial in terms of experience and results. For instance, oxygen facials are not the most relaxing experience as they involve a strong high pressure blast of oxygen - making them unsuitable for seriously sensitive skin. However, oxygen facials can benefit clients wishing to stimulate collagen or purify the skin of breakouts etc. Also look into maintaining healthy skin with intelligent skincare to supplement regular facials. Tracey x

Sources: http://www.traceybell.co.uk

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FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

The oxygen facial that I used was called the 'Jet Peel'. The procedure entailed cleansing the skin, dermaplaning the face (not required) and then administering jets of water to the face. It is actually great in the summer, as it cools, hydrates and refreshes the skin. Essentially, it is suppose to lightly exfoliate the skin, using jets of water. Honestly, other than refreshing the skin, I would not invest in the procedure, as I think that the benefits are short lived and I do not believe that it actually exfoliates the skin.

Also, administering the procedure requires training, as one can feel as if they are drowning if the jets are pointed the wrong way. Some clients found the procedure to be overwhelming.

BeautyVisage 4 years ago

Bio Oxygen with Belle Sante

Triple Bio-Oxygen Facial. Voted best facial in the world (Times)
Oxygen Therapy A Non Surgical Alternative to Botox & Fillers. The Red Carpet Facial. Expression Ageing Breakthrough. Get your glow on with this perennially popular all-around complexion reviver. With scientific Tri-Peptide skin care. A new generation of anti-ageing skin care. Excellent for plumping out fine and deeper lines and wrinkles. Perfect for pre or post party, and spells salvation for skin that’s sapped, sun damaged, stressed, smokers’ skin, acne and seriously travelled.

Unique the latest exclusive scientific technology brought to the North East for you.

1 Treatment 1 hour £59

5 Treatments £249

Sources: http://www.beautyvisageo2.co.uk

makeupartistpro1 4 years ago

so pretty much the facial procedure is blast of air on the skin?

Jeanneskincare 4 years ago

Your all in the UK, but Over here I do the Echo2 oxygen treatments and I have a lot of wonderful feed back. This procedure is more like a light peel, that plumps the skin and nourishes it and is amazing for sunburns, aged skin and problem skin like moderate to severe acne...

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