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Question: I'm looking for some unique retail items for our spa boutique... any recommendations?

Asked by galvezspa 4 years ago

18 answers

We already retail care skin care, candles, lotions, scrubs, blankets, neck wraps, men's products, sheets, jewelry, aromatherapy, etc....

Stone Massage Therapy, Facials, Hydrotherapy, Stress Management, Aromatherapy Massage

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Hypnotherapy-Sheffield 4 years ago

If you are looking for stress reduction techniques then some hypnotherapy CD's could be a popular item. Many people now recognise that their stress levels are down to how they think and that hypnotherapy could help to change these thoughts.
If you are interested I could produce these recordings for you and ensure that they are all professionally recorded and produced and fully packaged and fit for presentation in your place of business. Drop me a line if you would like to discuss it further.

Sources: http://www.sheffield-hypnosis.co.uk

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goodgirlsguide 4 years ago

You might also find this a great additional stream of income for you hypnotherapy business. I am a hypnothreapist too, and weight loss challenges provide an excellent way to get groups of slimmers together on a 12 week course. They then promote your skills with word of mouth referrals and visible results.

Go to about Herbalife (you can learn about the compnay) then go to HOME page and you will see the weight loss challenge information.

The webinar on Tuesdays

You can join online if you use my distrutor code 07Y0000108 and initials CAM.
I will be there to support you on your road to success.

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Tamara-FB 4 years ago

Unique and New for the Spa-UK market

YUN (MP3 - Aroma Diffuser)
YAO (PC-USB Aroma Diffuser)

Sources: http://www.bioamara.co.uk/shop/product/yun/

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goodgirlsguide 4 years ago

Nice pagaging. the site could do with a little more info on the products.

4 years ago

Yes I have! My friends run a business here: - http://www.damselflyholistics.co.uk/default.htm. I do hope you both can do business.

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goodgirlsguide 4 years ago

Guru, You link doesn't work. :(

andys 4 years ago

Someone showed me a foot massager they brought back from Japan, not a foot spa with water . This machine had many speeds and really worked all areas of the foot, just great to use after a hard day at work.

InstyleIdaho 4 years ago

Flex Flop Pedicure slippers, these terry slippers have an adjustable toe strap fold to fit in their own terry bag that has a bit of bling for fun. Retail for about $24 and can be purchase from Universal Spa Company.

Faeeza 4 years ago

I could suggest some tai chi/chi kung dvd's, meditaton cd.'s and relaxing music. Some are availble on my website, however if you interested in buying for the shop please do give me a call for prices etc website: http://www.chimoves.co.uk

goodgirlsguide 4 years ago

Do you have space for 20-25 people for one hour a week? Would you like REGULAR customers who will promote your business using word of mouth while getting visible and noticable results every time they meet friends and acquaintances? It also gives you the chance to promote your spa, as then you could 'give away' discount vouchers for treatments as part of a weekly prize.

Then you could start a weight loss challenge with herbalife. Everything is prepared systematically for you.


Go to about Herbalife (you can learn about the compnay) then go to HOME page and you will see the weight loss challenge informaton. There is info on the business opportunity too. Low cost start up, and especially effective if you or someone you know, wants to lose weight.
They also do a highly recognised skin care and nutrition range as well as being a prestifous company.

Herbalife Opportunity Webinar - HOW

HOWs are a great introduction to Herbalife, the products and the business opportunity. This is a top level overview lasting approximately 40 minutes, with business and product testimonials which will provide a powerful insight into the Herbalife business opportunity.

Join online - Simply log in EVERY TUESDAY and listen in from the comfort of your own home.

The meeting starts at 8.00pm sharp.

To register visit http://www.bemybestnow.com

You can join on line if you use my distrutor code 07Y0000108 and initials CAM.
I will be there to support you on your road to success.

Sources: The site

The webinar on Tuesdays

SerenityStation 4 years ago

If you are really interested in providing your clients with the best products.....http://www.marketamerica.com/carey

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goodgirlsguide 4 years ago

this page doesn't load.....

angelicarose 4 years ago

I have some relaxation cd's that you may enjoy. I also wrote a book called Living life as you always dreamed to support stress management.. WWW.angelicarose.webs.com for more info

Sources: Living life as you always dreamed , Chakrah balance, 15 minute revitalization and Attitude Gratitude, and a talk on higher conscious living WWW.angelicarose.webs.com for more info

makeupartistpro1 4 years ago


The website site is neero_ana.com

Sources: (please paste in a web address, or cite the source, e.g. books, people)

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FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

Great idea! Every woman is searching for something that can help with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks for the website!

tammydavis8 4 years ago

maybe it's time to consider something that nourishes and supports the body from the inside?! I have an assortment of raw organic (fair trade) cacao truffles that are fabulous in spas......

Sources: http://corazontrails.weebly.com

Alison-masseus 4 years ago

where are you based, as i have a place in cornwall but i need to know the cost is not gonna be effected by getting to the area!!

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tammydavis8 4 years ago

who are you addressing your question too? I'm in the States AND cost is not an issue

Rodolfo-Valentin 4 years ago

My favorite is Sothys for several reasons plus great quality products!

Sources: http://www.rodolfovalentin.com

realwaxbrazilian 4 years ago

Hi yes I can have you hard about Dalton-cosmetics? it's all from the sea all so marine extract.

Sources: http://www.dalton-cosmetics.co.uk

Elizabeth008 4 years ago

Hi there,

Please see Ayurveda Pura's products http://www.ayurvedapura.com/
I use their products and are very good (I use their oils for all massages -also for Hot Stone Massage and cosmetics for facial)
The best is t register as a trade customers - everything is much cheaper.

Best wishes and good luck!

Sources: http://www.ayurvedapura.com/

cmiller 4 years ago

I think finding great alternative music can be hard to find but easy to sell in a boutique. I always buy spa music when I can hear it playing in the center. Might help. Happy Holidays!

SaltChalet 4 years ago

Salt room therapy

Salt Chalet offers you the opportunity to upgrade your spa, hotel, by adding a salt room to your facility and creating for your business an opportunity for a new source of income.
For more info go to: http://www.saltchalet.com


Sources: http://www.saltchalet.com

GillBarryatDamselfly 3 years ago

Hi, If you are interested in our aromatherapy aura sprays in gift boxes , contact me direct on gillbarry@btinternet.com , Gill at Damselfly Holistics

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