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Question: What is the best thing to wear to a Yoga class?

Asked by Kristina 5 years ago

5 answers

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Tyran 5 years ago

As Martha mentions, clothing that is loose enough to move with you as you twist and turn but no so baggy that it bunches or falls over your head while in padahastasana (standing forward bend) or other inversions.

Also, resist the trend toward tight and/or barely-there work-out clothing. Tight clothing is more likely to limit your range of motion making some postures more difficult. Barely-there clothes will need regular attention as you move through different postures or may expose much more than you intend. Tight and barely-there clothing may do a fine job of highlighting your well toned body but will also create distraction both for yourself and for your fellow practitioners. Bringing extra distraction to class is a true unkindness to yourself and your fellow students.

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Rebecca Urban Oasis 5 years ago

Loose comfortable clothing, cotton or cotton lycra mix a top that can be tucked into bottoms or fits to the body comfortably and will not rise so that if you do inversion work you don't end up flashing your bra and smothering your face with your top. Bare feet is usual.

ShanPRyoga 5 years ago

I would also recommend pants. Although many people like shorts, some poses such as tree (vrksasana) in which you place your foot inside the leg can be difficult on bare skin. If you sweat a lot, pants will absorb the moisture, allowing one to grab onto their legs with out slipping. I saw this article once, and totally agree: http://www.fitsugar.com/3111274

Sources: Fit Sugar

skyyogastudio 5 years ago

Ideally clothing that is form fitting without being tight. Many instructors prefer students to wear pants such as capris that end above the knees so that knee alignment can be assessed. Avoid anything baggy that does not allow an accurate representation of where you are (nothing billowy). Cottons and natural fabrics are best - lycra and spandex tend to be slippery and can cause issues in balancing poses such as vraksasana.
Ayurvedically speaking natural fibers are best suited to yoga.

YogaCenter 5 years ago

I prefer my students to wear a cotton fitted pant so I can see if they are staying aligned right for the pose. If too baggy, can't see if their knee is softened when it should be locked, etc. Just a pair of 3/4 tights or bicycle shorts for both guys and gals in the summer and maybe a longer pant in the winter and tee shirt. I think it's a huge waste of money for expensive yoga clothes.Always arrive fresh, clean and free of heavy fragrances and jewlery. Bring a towel and a cover if your class provides relaxation so you can cover during that time. See http://www.path2wellness.com for more info.

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