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Question: what to do for a grand opening , massage therapy, gifts coupons etc prizes?

Asked by Rasheedah 4 years ago

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Amylouise25 4 years ago

Coupons are definitely the way forward, also try having a pamper evening, having your home/salon open to the public all day so they can sample treatments at a discounted rate, they'll realise how brilliant you are and come back for more :)

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4 years ago

I agree that offering gift vouchers, special offers for first customers, 2 for 1 vouchers, sample treatments at a discounted rate, take-home gifts is definitely the way forward.
Your grand opening celebration day has to be a major event, something that your future regular customers will not forget.
Think about the theme that will please the senses of your most likely clients. Maybe serve a hot drink when your guests arrive for the opening and depending on your budget offer a gift or a voucher when they leave.

Decorate your salon with candles, flowers ect and create a separate relaxation area with light refreshments for clients to just sit down, enjoy, chat with others, read your business literature, about your treatments ect. Depending on a number of therapists and the location of your event, you can also set up a few work stations where you can offer various treatments eg. one station with face massage, another station with chair massage ect. so each guest can try a number of services.

In this way you can create a unique atmosphere and a ‘feel good’ factor for your clients.

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sa411 4 years ago

Agree with first answer, get a good crowd together. Offer food, drink and light refreshments. Allow people to have a 'taster' of what yow will be offering. i.e. a 10 minute massage.
Provide gift vouchers and special offers for first customers - give them an incentive to come back. I'm sure they will :)

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

I offer massage and gift vouchers. Let me know if I can help?
laura@laurasmobilebeautytreats.com / http://www.laurasmobilebeautytreats.com

sfmassage 4 years ago

Contact businesses that you would like to network with and talk to them about trade arrangement that helps everyone to improve their business. This way you improve your relationship with them & provide a low cost variety of products and gifts for your open house. If you were in my area and I knew you would be referring clients to me and that I could reciprocate, then I would be happy to arrange some time for a massage therapist to be there at a special reduced rate. Other businesses would do the same -- florists, caterers, etc. You need to be able to present to them how it would be mutually beneficial.

Sources: http://www.siouxfallsmassage.net

Hugoboss 4 years ago

I would recommend you do the two together. In our medspa, we offer a "Microdermabrasion Facial". You are basically getting the cleansing, extractions, mask, etc, with the microdermabrasion being the ultimate exfolation portion of the facial.

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