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Question: Anyone out there have any good tips on how to get rid of small milia-like breakouts under the skin?

Asked by SeanRockey 4 years ago

7 answers

I am also interested to hear what other therapists believe to cause this condition? in the past I have used glycolic, lactic, teatree, peppermint, white thyme, sea algae, enzymes, manual scrubs, extraction, and most recently Retinol, which I found to be the most helpful.=)

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pheby 4 years ago

Hi Sean,

A thorough consultation would be the best approach to view and diagnose your conditon and by doing so the correct treatment and maintainence programme can be set in place for you.

If you have milia the way to treat this is to remove via thermolysis. It works by unplugging the build up of sebaceous matter and debris that has becomes trapped under the skin via using a fine probe. Milia is most common around the eye area. If this is the case then it is usual to advice clients to have a cholesterol check also. Once the removal has taken place a good home care skin route would be advised to keep the skin healthy and in good condition.

Kind Regards
Abate MediSpa
email abatebeautyclinic@yahoo.co.uk
tel. 01268 763912

Sources: http://www.abatebeautyclinic.co.uk

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traceybell 4 years ago

Hi Sean - great question - milia are annoying but easily treatable with the right approach. You are right to use clever skincare such as Vitamin A (retinol), also try a combination of peels and microdermabrasion to keep that cell renewal stimulation going for best results. See our website for more, and click our YouTube Link to see peel and microderabrasion at their best!!

Sources: http://www.traceybell.co.uk

FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

I would recommend a deep cleansing facial with extractions, from a licensed skin care professional. This can be followed with a light chemical peel. You should also use a clinical skin care, home care, program to compliment these procedures. As milia is a disorder of the sebaceous glands caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells and sebaceous matter trapped beneath the skin, again, thorough cleansing techniques would be most beneficial to you to supress further milia in the future.

VickyDay 4 years ago

Hi Saen,

I appreciate your question as I used to suffer with milia. They are a sign of severally dehydrated skin, so I would recommend an intense facial full of organic ingredients and plant extracts such a rosa mosqueta, which is super-charged to quench the skins needs (also highly anti-aging). Try a Pinks Boutique anti-aging facial as their organic anti-aging serum is high in rosa mosgueta and should do the trick.

Glad to Help,
Vicky at The Pamper Pit

Sources: http://www.pinksboutique.com/Signature-Treatments--read.html



Beautyworks 4 years ago

we find the best results for milia removal is inserting galvanic heat into the milia spot using an electrolosis needle. it doesnt take long at all, and is not painful. book now to remove them.

ShirleyLD 4 years ago

Hi Sean

The main cause of millia is the use of 'comdongenic' products around the eye area. These block the pores and cause a build up of product and sebaceous material in the sebacous duct or pore. There are numerous ingredients within products that are classed as 'comedogenic' such as mineral oil, lanolin, grapeseed oil, and isopropyl myristate (often used to make products feel luxurious - also used in WD40!), just to name a few! In some areas it they will cause 'break outs' where the anaerobic bacteria builds up in the sebacous duct and they become inflammed and spread out - may in some skins cause putules or sebaceous cysts!

To treat, I agree with Pheby (Abate MediSpa) - that thermolysis is the best method and provides excellent results when in the hands of an experienced, advanced qualified electrologist (preferably registed with the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis). Although there is still the use of a sterile 'lance' to open up and release the build up in the millia - I am not a great advocate that beauty therapist 'cut' open the skin as this is a more invasive 'medical' procedure.

So, now check out your local health, beauty and boday care spas/salons/centres in your area or if you are unsure take a look at http://www.electrolysis.co.uk and you will be able to read about the process and find a local electrologist who will be able to advise and treat you. Also, take a good look at the products you are using as this may be the cause. Take advice on non-comedogenic products.



Sources: 30+ years in the beauty therapy industry and 20+ years as a college lecturer, including teaching cosmetic chemistry and anatomy and physiology.

bodysilk 4 years ago

You should try Obagi Nu-Derm system, which reverses this condition. it is a prescription system, so you will have to have an appointment with a doctor first. Have a look at the before and after pictures on our website: http://www.bodysilk.co.uk - you will need to click the Products section and select Obagi Nu-Derm. - or just pop in to our clinic (we are near Monument and Bank in the city EC3) to get a DVD about the treatment and to have a chat with one of our members of staff before you book a consultation with a doctor. You can also call us 02072835800. Good luck!

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