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Question: Know of an acupuncture (or holistic practice) in Bryn Mawr, PA or along the Main Line/Philly area

Asked by jcweaver412 4 years ago

2 answers

Have had horrible abdominal pain and headaches, not been sleeping, (seen many specialist drs, going off medicines, want to detox fully) looking for alternative medicine, holistic practices that are welcoming to a young female newbie to spas/etc. Need to get re-centered, re-alignment, re-balanced. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Acupuncture or massages or a holistic wellness spa - open to anything, desperate to feel better. Don't have a car so dependent upon Septa R5 or walking distance or short taxi ride. Thank you so much!

Acupuncture, Bioresonance Therapy, Biodynamic Massage, Sleep Treatments, Energy Therapy

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4 years ago

Hi there,

Unfortunately I don't know of a practice in the locations you mention but as you also mentioned wanting to get re-centered, re-aligned, re-balanced, you may find some of the things I do daily which help me stay balanced etc. useful:

1) Reiki (a form of energy therapy), can be done in person or by distance (click on the link below for more information about Reiki)

2) Meditation and relaxation techniques (great for many things like releasing tension headaches and helping you to sleep), low cost alternative as you can self-practice

I also drink herbal teas daily to help keep my body balanced. For example, I find Peppermint tea excellent to relieve stomach pains/bloating, Dandelion to detox the body (especially the liver), Lemon/Ginger creates a sense of calm and Valerian to help me sleep if need be. Please use with care; some people are sensitive to herbal teas.

I hope this helps! You are welcome to get in touch if you have any questions.

Best wishes, Daniella
Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Sources: http://dgthelifecoach.wordpress.com/reiki, Personal experience

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Ahrlene 4 years ago

hi there
I am a therapeutic massage practitioner and I am a bit concerned that you seem to be throwing yourself into simply trying something new because the other thing did not work. The form of treatment I use goes beyond regular massage and aims to improve overall health by looking at all the factors in your life and then looking at how you can improve your health and wellbeing and most importantly not getting back into the same old bad habits.
To advise you properly I would need to know the background to your stomach pains, headaches and lack of sleep. It sounds very much like a stress related situation in which case massage would be very beneficial to you. Therapeutic massage would take into account all the situations and conditions in your life and you would work together with your practititioner to counteract them and put your body, health and life into a better balance. General health deteriorates as a result of continuous stress. Under stress you do not digest properly, do not breathe properly do not stand properly and your hormone production becomes unbalanced. Your circulation does not function efficiently and internal organsbecome strained or clogged with toxins. Heart problems, stomach ulcers and other ailments have their origins in stress.

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