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Question: HI, I am a MT and i am looking for a strong couch bag mine has a tare!! Can anyone suggest? Thanks

Asked by Rachael80 4 years ago

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andys 4 years ago

Hi Rachael80, sorry I can not help, found that the couch bags fitted to tight that is why we therapists have trouble with them. Had a good friend who made one for me , may be you know of someone who likes making something like this.

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TheLogCabin 4 years ago

Hi Rachael, you could try your couch manufacturer/supplier. My couches came with covers which are very tough and I tend to leave them up so the covers don't get much use!
Obviously couch manufacturers don't do a standard size couch so pick your cover carefully if going for a 3rd party version.

Good luck ... John

AngelaNorton 4 years ago

Hi Rachel,
I've seen them sold individually before on e-bay, you just have to keep an eye out and see if anything comes up. For the time being may I suggest 'Duck Tape' stuck on the inside of the cover, it's very strong and available at most DIY stores, this should hold it together till you can get a replacement.

MoyraStinsonBacktoBacks 4 years ago

Hi Rachael, I bought my bag and my couch for Salon Services, I now have had both for 10 years, although the bag is scuffed it has no tears and also fits with my electric blanket and couch cover. One downside to the cover is there are no wheels or hand holds, however, I have a small trolley which I bought from Argos, I think? which is great if you are walking distances. Hope this is of some help.

laurasmobilebeautytreats 4 years ago

i got one off ebay with wheels for £30 and its great. See http://www.ebay.co.uk

HeadToToe 4 years ago

Ebay have so many suppliers now i find them very good for individual items.

ambience-cupar 4 years ago

I have found this company really competitive and very high standard of product you get exactly what you see and it takes a lot of wear and tear in fact I have bought two mobile couches with covers and they are really robust and look nice too.

They are called sports and leisure uk see link below. Hopefully this will fit the bill.



Sources: http://www.sportandleisureuk.com/catalog/massage-tables/tahiti-deluxe-wheeled-carry-case

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