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Question: What is the best type of massage to relieve tension in the shoulder area?

Asked by Kristina 5 years ago

9 answers

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Moonwaves 5 years ago

There are many good types of massage for shoulder tension. Shoulder tension is so universal and common that it is addressed by all the massage traditions I know of.

If the shoulder tension is an expression of emotional stress, a Swedish massage might help a great deal. If it is a result of physical exertion, deep tissue is more effective. Long-standing shoulder tension, or shoulder tension that results in visible posture distortion, can be helped by addressing the fascia. And when there is not just tension but pain, trigger point therapy is definitely important.

It is very important that the massage address not just the shoulders but the neck and chest. Otherwise, you will feel better for only a short time.Shoulders feel the tension, but usually the muscles that are actually causing the tension are the large pectorals and the always-hard-working neck muscles. If those are not addressed, they will quickly pull the shoulders back into pain. Working the armpits and around the shoulderblades is usually a good thing, too.

The best type of massage to relieve tension in the shoulder area? A customized massage from a therapist with skills in Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, and connective tissue (also known as myofacia) techniques and a very good understanding of anatomy. And communicate exactly how you feel before and during the massage.

Other answers (8)

Andrew1 5 years ago

Rolfing-or deep tissue or Thai

Andrew1 5 years ago

best to ring 07932910256

NightandDayMassageArts 5 years ago

Depending on how deep you can take the pressure, it would be deep tissue. In my clients case, I would intake to get to the source or reason for the discomfort, and then assess where and how deep to apply pressure. Because everyone is different, I would massage not just the shoulder area, but also the pit, under the scapula, transverse spine, pectorials, tri and bi, and acl. Also, communicate ways to avoid the repitive motion issues if possible.

TRamberg 5 years ago

A combination of deep tissue and triggerpoint techniques combined with some relaxing swedish strokes.

andys 5 years ago

A combination of tuina sports and acupuncture works best, when the tension is to painful to massage, acupuncture relaxes the area and then after you can carry out the massage without it being to painful for your client.

Rogerio 5 years ago

For me definitely is Swedish Massage.

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

Need more information, but I would say deep tissue, trigger point therapy to start.

Amy-F 5 years ago

A number of massage techniques exist which may help to relieve tension in the shoulder area, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, indian head massage, trigger point therapy and hot stone massage.

The best technique to use would depend on what was contributing to the tension. I would begin by asking a client about their lifestyle, including their hobbies, sporting activities and occupation. If would then ask when the tension could be felt on a day to day basis, if any pain is triggered and if certain movements were restricted by pain and tension. I would also look at posture and range of movement.

Depending on the nature of the tension I would advise an appropriate treatment or combination of treatments or course of treatments and in the case of a possible injury I would refer to a GP for further investigation.

Massage treatments offered by myself may include work on other areas of the body that could also be affecting tension in the shoulders, such as the neck, lower back, erector spinae, rotator cuff, bicep, tricep, deltoid and pectoral muscles.

From personal experience I have found that deep tissue massage and sports massage on a regular basis do wonders to dispel the tension in my shoulders! Hot stone massage and indian head massage are also very effective.

Massage itself is often only part of the solution. Simple techniques such as yoga/pilates and stretching, correcting bad posture and a good matress/pillow can all help.

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