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Question: Where can you buy ORGANIC argan (Moroccan) oil?

Asked by PaolaEnergya 5 years ago

8 answers

I have just bought some argan oil but when I checked the ingredients I have noticed it has some chemicals; can you suggest a supplier of organic Moroccan oil please?

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Ct-hairdesign 5 years ago

hi there if you check out the website below you will find lots of products all organic containg argan oil, hope that helps x

Sources: http://www.ecobeautyshop.com/index.php?cPath=23_52&osCsid=5d3d8d5a2a17d52f2b35b49b4b389e4e

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PaolaEnergya 5 years ago

Thank you for your fast reply, much appreciated.

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HAZE7 5 years ago

Hi there, You must check out http://www.arganoiltree.com/
Honestly it's 100% natural!! Great for your Skin, hair, nails etc Everyone I know uses this brand. :)

Sources: http://www.arganoiltree.com/

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PaolaEnergya 5 years ago

Good website, I wonder how the producers manage to keep prices lower than the Moroccan Oil brand which contains chemicals

Linda88 3 years ago

I used Argan oil from http://www.arganoiltree.com and I was very pleased with the quality of there oil, 100%. I bought some Argan oil for the same price in Paris and in Casablanca. I believe that is a fair price. Moroccan Oil is blend with chemicals and cost more!!! Moroccan Oil is more expensive because there advertisement cost!!! Linda

Andre 5 years ago

Hi, I find Baldwin's products very reliable. They sell organic cold pressed argan oil.
They have a nice shop in London. :)

Sources: http://www.baldwins.co.uk/Base-Oils-And-Accessories/Base-Oils/Baldwins-Argan-Oil/14138/380

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PaolaEnergya 5 years ago


Argan 5 years ago


We are a Women Cooperative Producing and exporting Argan Oil in Bulk and other Organic Products.
All our Products are Eco-certified Organic.

Please check http://www.100biorganic.com
or: http://www.bestbioshop.com


marmurr1916 4 years ago

Hi, you can buy argan oil (organic) and buy rhassoul clay (also organic) from the website below. Excellent value for money on organic skin care. Cheers.

Sources: http://www.organicarganoil.co.uk

chicab 4 years ago

Hi try shop-morocco, they sell 100% pure Moroccan Argan products. Cooperative produced in Morocco.

Sources: http://www.shop-morocco.com/argan-oil-48-c.asp

SeloSkin 3 years ago

You can try selo skin, http://www.ar-gan.co.uk they based in London

SarahRayner 8 months ago

I buy Tree of Argan, they are reasonably priced and amazing quality!


Sources: http://www.treeofargan.com

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