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Question: Can reflexology help with cravings?

Asked by ikjones 5 years ago

4 answers

Is it true that massaging certain points on the hands/feet can help me conquer my cravings for smoking?


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Ernest 5 years ago

Yes there are certain points in the hands and feet that can help reduce your craving for smoking. By opening the airways through reflexolgy it can help reduce the craving.

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EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

Reflexology works on the endorphins in the brain, and the feet do have points on various areas of the feet that are directly related to all organs of the body. I can't say it will stop your cravings but it will help remove those harmfull toxins in your body. Foot massage can be very relaxing and that can help you in reducing the need to smoke due to stressful situations. Chantix is the only thing I have seen to really would and massage can aid in bringing about better health.

Andreas 5 years ago

I personally have had clients who were chain smokers. After reflexology sessions they went off smoking completely saying they do not crave for it anymore.

As a Reflexologist with many years of experience I believe that Reflexology can assist in many different issues. Most important is to bring stress levels down and balance the mind & body. Hope this helps!

Sources: Personal work experience

SilverHand 5 years ago

While Reflexology can divert the mind during cravings and allow the body to find some relief physically from withdrawal symptoms, I believe Aromatherapy may be a better solution.

Our sense of smell is well noted for helping us "log" our memories and as such can be used to help remember those same memories. In the same vein our sense of smell can often alleviate cravings and mild pains linked with withdrawal. Relief is mental as well as physical so by stimulating the mind with new smells during cravings you can begin reprogramming your brain associations from your past smoking habits to a new smoke-free you.

There are several essential oils that you can purchase at various retail stores that are marketed as being able to help with anxiety, to help maintain calmness in general, and others to help with appetite. Generally a 5 ml. bottle will hold a sufficient amount of oil for you to be able to easily release enough of a fragrance you may need and still be small enough to carry conveniently in a pocket. For many people Spearmint or Wintergreen work superbly for helping to quit smoking. Be certain to make yourself aware of any skin allergies or respiratory problems that might be associated with this therapy for you before endeavouring to utilize it.

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