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Question: I'm doing my 1st beauty show and I've most things covered would love any advice or ideasxxxx

Asked by beauty-basement 4 years ago

7 answers

Im doing demos,flyers,gift bags,ballons,special offers,raffle tickets etc any help in making it a success would be great thanks

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Congratulations! How exciting! First of all best of luck, it will be a success! Try and turn this show into an opportunity to gain repeat customers: usually trade shows only bring "the curious" looking for a bargain on the day and they don't come back. Make sure you have a DETAILED MARKETING FORM when you do your consultation and ask everybody to sign up to your newsletter.

Also advertise the fact that for the first month after the show clients will get a discount (you decide the amount) and if they refer their friends they get 2 for 1.

Additionally ask Wahanda to help you promote your special offers.

Are you inviting members of the local press to attend? It would ge great if you could get some press coverage, you have a fantastic opportunity to schedule interviews with journalists. If your stand is very attractive you may even get beauty journalists to come and speak to you spontaneously.

All the best of luck and keep us posted!

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beauty-basement 4 years ago

Thank you everyone for the support i will take it all on board and keep you posted xxxxxxx

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PrueN 4 years ago

Sounds like you have all the bases covered and are very organised. The only thing I would add is people are buying into you, all the extras are a bonus so ensure you have things to keep you going -- water, energy food, fruit. I also add a compact mirror to make sure I dont have any food in my teeth after a quick snack! Good luck and enjoy it! xxx

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beauty-basement 4 years ago

Thank you xx

FacesbyRobin-LE 4 years ago

Radio, TV , local newspaper or magazine coverage. And, plenty of photos for your website or Facebook and now, Twitter. Good luck to you!

Rodolfo-Valentin 4 years ago

You should to take a look of celebrity hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin video, he was the official designer at the New York Fashion week. You can see it in some of his websites. I am attaching 3 of his sites where you can see the video just in case one of them is not working in your computer system. enjoy!

Sources: http://www.rodolfovalentin.org

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beauty-basement 4 years ago

this link is fab thanks xx

AlysonSchlobohm 4 years ago

When you're working with potential clients at the show, always try to book an appointment for them RIGHT THEN! If they walk away you may never see them again! Also offer them an incentive for coming to see you (a special or discount, etc.)!

MakeupBySunshine 4 years ago

Keep it clean and simple and make sure that the clients know what exactly you do. I have gone overboard before and I think confused people with too much stuff at my booth. Good luck! Please follow me on twitter @promakeupartist

Rodolfo-Valentin 4 years ago

watch the video at http://www.rodolfovalentin.org to get fashion show ideas

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