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Question: what to do when setting up new massage room at sisters hair salon, marketing stuff?

Asked by Rasheedah 4 years ago

12 answers

Can you help out?

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lopo5 4 years ago

Hi Rasheedah

Congratulations of setting up the new business. We created Wahanda specifically to support people like you who are looking to promote their businesses so hopefully Wahanda can be of assistance. Here are three easy steps that I share with all our partners:

1) Make sure you are listed on Wahanda... its totally free and only takes a second to do. This make sure you seen by hundreds of thousands of health & beauty customers out there. Make sure you have good images, descriptions and a full list of your treatments.

2) Get your best customers to write reviews on Wahanda and share their experience with others. We rank businesses based on reviews so the more good reviews you get the higher you will appear in our listings and the more traffic you. Getting great reviews is one of the best way to build word-of-mouth buzz but please be sure not to write the reviews yourself... we will take those down.

3) Finally, if you want to promote a specific offer or participate in one of our MobDeals then simply email supply@wahanda.com. One of our account managers would be very happy to work with you to make sure we promote a deal that gets you as many new customers as possible.

Hope that helps

Sources: http://www.wahanda.com/list-your-business/

PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Hi Raheedah, the best marketing is always word of mouth so on top of the suggestions by other Wahanda users I would say to offer a 2 for 1 discount when people recommend their friends and family members.
I find that the best marketing is to create a whole network of contacts in complementary medicine, Wahanda is one of the best places to make contacts quickly.
Once you get to know people like osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, psychotherapists etc you can ask to do cross-referrals: people tend to trust people and ask for recommendations.
You are lucky to be working with your sister who is a hairdresser, you will make a great team!
Best of luck with everything and feel free to drop me a line if you need more info, I've been a massage therapist for 4 years and won one award.

hazeltaylor 4 years ago

leaflets in the salon, taster head neck and shoulder massage for customers having wash and blow dry and get their email addresses

Carolanne 4 years ago

Also you could introduce yourself to your sisters clientel and tell them about you new venture offering them a special price etc

Jen666 4 years ago

Hi Rasheedah Im a holistic beautician working from home so I do all my own advertising. You could try Gum Tree where you can post a free advert or vistaprint and get some postcards printed with your treatments on , they are not very expensive and look great. You could also print yourself up flyers and pricelists and leave them at the front desk of the salon for customers to take when they pay. Good luck Jen

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Hi, all good suggestions, just a word of warning about advertising massage on gumtree because unfortunately some people read more into it...

Lubna-Reflexologist 4 years ago

Taster sessions are definietly the way forward plus talking to customers helps too. I'm reading this amazing book and it covers everything from marketing to finance. Highly recommend it: How to be a Successful Therapist by Celia Johnson and Helen Parkins

Sources: http://www.successfultherapist.co.uk/content/view/3/11%20/%29

AlysonSchlobohm 4 years ago

I recently went through a very similar process. Do you currently have an existing clientele? If so, you want to find some way to tie in your past marketing information with your future materials, so that clients more easily recognize you. Either way, the first thing you need to do is to decide if your going to use your sister's current marketing materials (and if so, make sure it ties in with how you're trying to market yourself). Then you need to figure out something that distinguishes you as a Massage Therapist (b/c you don't want to just market the salon's services). Someone mentioned registering with Google - that is definitely a must.

RegisterM 4 years ago

Advertise your booty off! Do charity events to get press involved, and maintain great reviews by new clients which makes your business look great. The best way to get clients is through word of mouth. It takes time to build the business but eventually it will get there. Goodluck sweets! House of Synergy

AngelaNorton 4 years ago

Hi Rasheeda
I'm new to the marketing game as well, but what first comes to mind in your situation is that you should make sure everyone working in the salon has had a complimentary massage from you so they can recommend first hand, hair dressers are naturally sociable and talk to their clients for hours sometimes, who are a captive audience afterall.
Once the workers have enjoyed your massage they are sure to talk about it, especially if there's an incentive! I am currently offering my contacts a free massage for every 2 clients they send my way
Gift vouchers are also taking off for me too, see if you can display some, especially near where the client is sitting, perhaps frame them to make them really stand out.
If you are really quiet and have time on your hands, think about doing some treatments discounted or even for free, for certain people (you will know who these people are), I know we all want to earn money but generosity really does pay in the end, if you give then usually people want to give back and then they will be giving you referals.
Hope this is of help
Best of luck

MelissaKinder 4 years ago

when marketing at a hair salon you talk to the hair dressers offer them a free thirty minutes to get them to know you that way they will recommend your services to their clients. Also doing complimentary 5 min chair massage to get clients interested also when setting up your room make sure it absorbs sounds that way you do not disturb your clients rest when you are working on them. also offer a referral program such as $10 dollars off your next massage or every 3 referrals get a free massage. your choice those are just a few ideas.

PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

PS: I forgot to mention to invite members of the local press to interview you and sample your massage treatments, getting free press coverage is always a bonus. Best of luck!

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