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Question: Does one have to be a massage therapist in order to be trained in and practice Chi Nei Tsang?

Asked by BreannaJoy 4 years ago

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XiaoYing 4 years ago

As long as a general rule: "It is very desirable to have knowledge and based on anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, etc .... Also, training qualified massage techniques proven ... and, in turn, many hours of supervised practice . Massage is not a trivial thing ... the massage, understood as a therapeutic technique ... is a very serious and delicate. I highly recommend high skills and qualifications.

Sources: http://www.masajexiaoying.es.tl

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PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Hi Breanna
If you are planning to practice in the UK the general rule is to have passed the anatomy and physiology exam plus have a basic massage qualification in Swedish massage. I got mine from Morley College and I trained in ITEC but there are other standards and other colleges to choose from.

TaoYoga 4 years ago

Hi BreannaJoy,
You do not need to be a massage therapist to begin training in Chi Nei Tsang. The training leads to a standalone qualification that you can practice with. Training includes internal energy theory, massage techniques and the necessary knowledge of anatomy and physiology to be safe and effective.
I am just finishing my Chi Nei Tsang qualification and I am a universal healing tao instructor. I organise Chi Nei Tsang training in London, UK.

Sources: http://www.taoyoga.co.uk/chi-nei-tsang-london.html

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