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Question: Is there an effective remedy for the common cold?

Asked by PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

15 answers

I can't seem to shift a nasty cold after a week (my fault, I went to the beach on a cloudy day! I can think of worse ways of catching a cold...).
Remedies like echinacea or homeopathy don't seem to do the trick and I prefer to avoid taking paracetamol... I used pressure points on my sinuses which give a temporary release but then it's all back to square one; ideas anyone?

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Sherree 4 years ago

Echineacea works better before the cold happens. Elderberry is actually more anti-viral and will help the cold. Also, ginger-lemon tea. There is a tea by Traditional medicines named Breathe Easy that really helps and tastes good . Food wise- dark leafy greens pump up the immune system ... make green smoothies with very little fruit and add some coconut oil or coconut butter and blue-green algae. Sugar including natural sugar from juice depresses the immune system so limit it as much as possible. Also, if you can, spend a day or two resting. That will help your immune system reset.

Hope you feel better soon!

Other answers (14)

4 years ago

I agreed with Linda that plenty of vitamin C is helpful but without zinc your body can't utilise it effectively so a good quality 15mg zinc supplement either a whole food one such as from Cytoplan or Nature's Own or as zinc citrate which is very absorb-able. Take zinc at night as it is better absorbed then but vitamins should be taken during the day as they can be energising which is not ideal at bedtime!

Also beta glucans boost the autonomic immune system (the viral fighting bit) 500 - 750 mg a day while you're fighting infection then 250mg a day as prevention while we're in cold season or if you know you've been exposed go back to 500mg until you know you're clear. Selenium taken in conjunction with beta-glucans is my recommendation against all flus and colds.

DrStephanie 4 years ago

I love Echinacea for immune prevention but the herb Andrographis seems to work better once you already feel like you "have something".

Also, keep in mind that bacteria live off of sugar/carbs, so diet recommendations would be to decrease the sugar/carbs in your diet and increase the protein and good fats.

So the chicken broth soup adage really does have some substance!!

Good Luck!

Sources: http://www.tlccharleston.com

LifestylePersonalTraining 4 years ago

A more natural remedy that I personally use is 50mg of pure Zinc, and Eucinacia. I take this in the morning and evening when I feel I am getting sick and during until the symptoms subside.

I hope that helps,

Sources: http://www.LPT123.com

Eleana 4 years ago

Echinacea is better as a preventative rather than therapeutic for colds. As for homeopathy, it is better to consult a qualified homeopath if you want effective treatment because the obvious "cold" remedies are not always the ones you should take. Homeopathy works but needs to be properly prescribed.

High doses of Vitamin C can help but you need to take upwards of 3g daily, which for some sensitive people may cause diarrhoea.

One OTC thing I have found works well is probiotic supplements, such as Biocare's Bio-Acidophilus or Cytoplan's Cytobiotic Active. A note about probiotics in general: check they are magnesium stearate free.

A generic but very effective supplement for the first signs of colds/flu is New Era Ferrum Phos tissue salts. For blocked eustachian tubes/sinuses New Era Kali Mur tissue salts. They are cheap, they last a long time and they are very very effective.

As a dispensing homeopath I have long experience in treating all manner of ailments.

Sources: http://www.thehealingpond.com

drkat 4 years ago

One the of things i usually suggest for congestion is Quercetin, especially with Bromelain (which is an anti-inflammatory). Quercetin is an antihistimine that is natural. If it deepens into the chest you might consider taking tumeric (yes, the spice), which has a loosening effect in the lungs. Using a neti pot is helpful and if the cold is stubborn enough and continues to linger, i have been known to put a scant drop of oregano oil in the Neti pot (beware! this does burn, especially if the nasal passages are inflammed). Using Oregano and Eucalyptus in a humdifier, or a pot of boiling water on the stove, is also helpful and quite anti-microbial. Make sure the diet is more alkaline than acidic, meaning that veggies are the rule, carbs, meat, fruits and sugars increase acidity. drinking lots of plain hot water is an Aryuvedic trick to help remove ama, or the congestion. drinking plently of water with lemon jiuce in it helps with increasing the alkalinity (germs thrive in an acidic environment). reducing or eliminating dairy products also help.

Wishing you health and peace,
Dr. Kat Bowie

lindadb 4 years ago

Sounds like you need fairly high doses of vitamin C and possibly zinc. Ideally you should see a kinesiologist who could help you, however I recommend taking a good quality vitamin C (with bioflavenoids or rosehips) - about 3-4g a day spread throughout the day (possibly more, but depends on how your bowels tolerate it) until its cleared up and then 1-2g as a maintenance to avoid another one.!

PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Thanks everybody, I can't add a comment to each of you individually as there's a technical glitch with the site. What's your view on manuka honey? Useful?

Answer Comments

4 years ago

Yes I love manuka honey - off the spoon to soothe a sore throat and benefit from it's natural anti-biotic properties - I always use at least strength 15 and found it to be very helpful

RajeevPundir 4 years ago

1.keep yourself warm
2.don't take cold drinks like beer,colas,& fruit juices.
3.Avoid curd & RICE
4.use warm water for bath.
5.Always drink lukewarm water
6.Give hot fomentation around your nose & forehead
7.i can suggest you a complete ayurvedic prescription for curing it.

ayurprastha 4 years ago


Intake of pepper decoction -pippalyasavam, pepper soup helps to releive cold.Sweating or fomentation is another approach in ayurveda for common cold.Rubbing rasnadi churnam on the crown of head also helps.
Vishamajwarantakam gulika mixed in ginger juice in those cases associated with temperature is another effective remedy.Intake of warm soups and avoid exposure to cold wind and weather.
Source- Chikitsa Sangraham.
Dr Rajalakshmi Ramesh - Ayurprastha.

PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Thank you Linda and Carole for your great advice!

PaolaEnergya 4 years ago

Again many thanks for all your support, I feel better just from your getting such lovely responses from the community! Vitamin C seems to be working a treat so far, I will hit the shops for more remedies. Have a nice weekend everybody!

Emeka 4 years ago

Vitamin c, avoid cold beverages and rest

WestLondonColonics 1 year ago

Hi I am Julia Rhodes of West London Colonics.
Would you believe a colonic can help! Why because the gut and the chest both tend collect debris . Simplistically ,when the lower body elimination isn't perfect , toxins build up . a cold is one way body tries to discharge it.
Thus, when lower body elimination is supported ( by a colonic ) ,often the cold goes away , or reduces in intensity or duration.
Isn't the body just wonderful?

Sources: Wahanda page: http://www.wahanda.com/place/west-london-colonics/

scott39 4 years ago

go buy vetmin c take it till you get the runs and that manes you get lot in you body that should help and paracetamol.no can do more harm than good have lots of hone lemon in tea is good and rest lots of rest eat for your mt get test see any thing going on

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