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Question: Is it best to have a swedish massage before or after a sauna?

Asked by ikjones 5 years ago

4 answers

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Moonwaves 5 years ago

Either one is very good.

My preference would be after, because the heat of the sauna softens the tissues, allowing for a deeper massage with less pressure. But allowing the heat to melt out the massage, well, that's wonderful too.

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EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

I would recommend before a massage, a massage will relax you and you may become torelaxed in the sauna, it would also help warm up the muscles so they can be manipulated easier.

BelieveUnisexdayspa 5 years ago

I would say after a Sauna because your muscle will be loose and it will be easier to work on you. The massage will flush out all the toxins from your body. After a very good Swedish massage, you will be so relaxed...you will just want to go to sleep.

Sources: http://www.believeunisexdayspa.viviti.com

Amy-F 5 years ago

The heat of the sauna would help to soften the muscle tissues allowing a deeper massage with less pain to tense areas, so I would advise having a massage after a sauna.

It is worth remembering that saunas encourage sweating and hence a loss of body fluid. A massage would further add to this and so it would be important to stay well hydrated before, during and after the sauna and massage to prevent dehydration. I would also advise clients to keep warm after, since the body would be inclined to cool after both treatments.

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