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Question: what's the best kind of yoga to connect with yourself and relax about life???

Asked by britt 4 years ago

8 answers

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CatherineAnnis 4 years ago

Hi Britt,
Any kind of yoga that helps you to begin building awareness of how you act and react in the world. Ultimately, relaxing is about finding ways to still your mind, to stop the endless churning and repetition of thoughts that can be so disturbing. Find a teacher who you like and an approach that works for you - it could be anything from hard core sweaty astanga, to a much slower, softer approach like Scaravelli inspired yoga - it's so individual. And then stick to it and attend class regularly. Learn to listen and observe yourself. Wishing you joy in your search!

Sources: http://www.relaxandrelease.co.uk/

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JustineYogaWirral 4 years ago

Yoga encompasses many practices for the mind, body and spirit, not just the physical exercises it is sometimes reduced to in the West. The journey begins with physical asanas which refine the gross body, then the techniques become more refined and subtle to access the energetic body. You might think of it as exercising your 'human' (solid/finite self) and 'being' (energetic/infinite self).

Who can say what the best kind of Yoga is? They all aim to help you connect with yourself (the true, egoless, infinite self) and this is achieve by relaxing about life.

My advice would be to consider your own personality. If you are an over-thinker, find it difficult to concentrate or have a busy mind (as most of us do!), it may be easier to start with a strong physical practice like ashtanga or iyengar which will help you focus on your body -and get you out of your analytical mind. The respite that an hour spent concentrating on your body instead of your thoughts, is incredibly stress relieving.

Once you find that your rate of thinking has slowed down due to focussing on one posture at a time, you have begun the process of training the mind which can lead you into other techniques like pranayama and eventually Raja Yoga (meditation).

In short, all Yoga is leading you in the direction you want to go as long as you find a properly qualified teacher who suits your needs. This can only be done by trying a few out - each teacher has a completely different approach! You could try looking up the British Wheel of Yoga which is the governing body in England as recognised by Sport England. Their website is http://www.bwy.org.uk
Good luck!

yogicris 4 years ago

Definatly the slowest most mindful yoga is the best...my website http://www.healingsoles.net
may help

Jaynie 4 years ago

Dru Yoga - of course..... check online for a class in your area :)

Sources: http://www.druworldwide.com/yoga-teacher?search=Jayne+Micallef

the-lotus-room-edinburgh 4 years ago

You need to explore the various traditions out there and find what is best for you by experience...

ZaYoga 4 years ago

Hi Britt,

Great Question!

Catherine said it the best. It is about You. There is no one style better than the other. It's what you get out of it that makes a difference. Find a teacher that you can relate to and just practice. Nothing good just happens over night, so don't get frustrated.

Yoga is about what you learn about yourself, while you practice, so play with it. Some of us need to slow down, to calm down, while others need to be pushed hard, in order to let go.

It would be nice to have a great teacher to help you get there, but ultimately your goal should be to connect with the teacher within. Listen to yourself through your body and mind.

Many Blessings to You,

Sources: http://www.zayogamiami.com

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GuyDuff 4 years ago

Everything starts with the breath. Life that is. To connect with yourself, connect with your breath. In addition to finding a yoga teacher that you feel comfortable with try being aware of as many breaths as you can every day. Pay attention to the breath as at the top and bottom of the breath. In those moments where breath ceases, there is a space where you can become of the space where mind isn't dominating. Its where the voice of silence can be heard. I personally practice Kundalini Yoga because of its emphasis on energy awareness and breath and sound. That is just my preference and I love the practices of virtually every type of Yoga. I spent 20 years practicing Kriya Yoga as taught by Self Realization Fellowship and for me it brings deep connection to the higher self. Just take a step towards a yoga class near by and then just keep experimenting with patience all the great wisdom traditions of yoga and be very patient. Yoga is an empirical science and if you work steadily, daily, even just a little, the yoga will transform you and serve you. Whatever you do just make a commitment to breath awareness and see what it does for you. - Guy and the Pure Light Band.

tarasoulyoga 4 years ago

Hi Britt

All rivers lead to sea...Everyone is different and so what suits one person may not suit another.Practising physical yoga is actually preparing the body to be able to sit in meditation,which is not easy for people to do .Being with the breath whether you practise ashtanga,vinjasa or iyengar yoga.Try many different types of yoga until you find a class that you feel comfortable in and enjoy.....this may also change as you progress .Many people for instance start ashtanga and then grow bored of it or find it hard to move through the blocks and so then change to another type of yoga.
It doesnt matter which yoga you do so long as you find some peace and stillness within ....
there is no better than or best kind of yoga...
Enjoy your journey and exploration.
om shanti

HealTheBody 4 years ago

Yoga practice will lead you to a path of harmony, Clearer calmer thinking, tolerance, peace, compassion, loving kindness, and the cultivation of positive energy. Yoga techniques promote relaxation, releases stiffness and chronic muscle tension caused by chronic stress. Yoga poses aim to give a deep massage to the internal organs of the body, thereby squeezing out toxins stimulating digestion, improving circulation, balancing hormones, Improve your posture.
Yoga practise will improve your health.

Sources: http://www.healthebody.co.uk

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