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Question: Will Reflexology help address my neck & erector spinae tightness from a 11 month old broken foot?

Asked by Catty1003 4 years ago

14 answers

Rolling on a Foam roller I found my neck issues are stemming from overall bad posture (thats on me), more sitting/less activity at the new gig and strangely or not too strangely very tight/sore erector spinae muscles. Foam Roller helped- will Reflexology help to bring some of my kinetic chains back into line? help?!

Acupuncture, Foot Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Swedish Massage

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NyameDua 4 years ago

Hello Catty,

As a therapist, Id advise you to initially seek your GP's consent to the suitability of any treatment given the nature of the issue arising.

If your budget can stretch, I'd suggest a combination of massages - Weekly or fortnightly depending on your budget & Reflexology at least once a month.


Reflexology works to bring the whole body, internal & external into equilibrium.
The feet are a map of the body - The nerves start at the base of the brain, running along the spinal cord & exiting the via the vertebrae at different points, & ultimately ending at the ears, hands or feet.

If you imagine the body is cut into longitudinal zones, so something affecting one part of the zone, may & can have an affect on another part of that zone.

Chinese & Ayurvedic remedies/treatments view the body in exactly the same way.
That to heal the body, one must treat it collectively.


Given your information, as a multi skilled practising therapist, Id also advise you to undertake regular massage treatments however your comfort levels (- Is the area sensitive/painful to touch... ?) should define what particular massage treatment you receive.

- Deep Tissue & Sports massages can be painful as they penetrate deeper into the affected area. More elbows, knuckles & deep finger penetrations are used with these treatments.
- Swedish massage can aid relaxation of the muscles allowing for them to heal & correct they're alignment. Gentler sliding & kneading strokes are generally used within this treatment.
- Hot Stone is fantastic at bringing heat quickly to area - relaxation of muscles, allowing for easy manipulation. Again, strokes are mainly gentler sliding & kneading movements.
- Thai Massage attacks both the muscles & physical abilities of ones body, treating the body as a whole with Ayurvedic principles & incorporating yoga stretches to increase flexibility, realign muscles & release tensions.

In all cases, stretches should be used in conjunction with the treatment, to help you regain some flexibility. This may not be suitable for you given you condition, however your GP will be able to give or not give, consent to any of these treatments.


A lot of information I know... !

I hope this has helped you start to plan a course of treatments that will help ease your presenting symptoms.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or queries at: nyamedua.hb@gmail.com

All the best... !

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Chi-Force 4 years ago

Catty my thoughts are that the tension in your back is possibly due to the body compensating for the damage to your foot over the last few months not just the posture at work although this can contribute of course. Similarly I agree with the therapists below the myofascial and deep tissue release will be important not only around the foot but extending up the leg and hip. Some trigger point work in this area wouldn't go amiss either. The neck is possibly related to an imbalance in the pelvis through adjusting to your poorly foot, which is possibly causing tension particularly down one side of the erector spinae right up into your neck, Yes reflexology will help but I would be inclined to check your overall posture, through for example a chiropractor and go for some deeper work possibly a sports injury therapist, sports masseur or physio. Once the foot is recovered I would be inclined to start from here upwards. Get the mechanics working properly, the muscles back in balance right from the base up. Throw in a bit of reflexology and gentle massage work too by all means as these will speed the process by accessing different healing mechanisms and will benefit your overall wellbeing. Of course I am unable to see or assess you so you must seek a proper consultation with the health professionals you choose to visit who will take a full health check.
Hope this of help, Regards Jennifer

Sources: http://www.chiforce.co.uk

SpaAtTheMount 4 years ago

Hi! Reflexology wont actually cure any problems you may have. The actual treatment itself will rebalance all your systems, ease tension etc and in general give you a feeling of wellbeing! Its definately a treatment i would recommend even just for relaxation. xx

Catty1003 4 years ago

Oohhh sounds good to me! Will schedule! Thanks!

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SpaAtTheMount 4 years ago

It is one of the most relaxing treatments from the Holistic treatments we offer. For more information of if you did want to make a booking don't hesitate to call us on 01902 752055 or email us on spa@themount.co.uk! Hopefully will see you soon xx

reSource-therapy 4 years ago

I won't say it can't help but my area of expertise is more to do with myofascial release and what I know about fascia is that you are likely to have been accomodating the broken foot. So you will need to retrain how you walk, sit and stand in addition to having a release done. If reflexology doesn't work, call me and I can do things that absolutely will.

Brightonbodymassage 4 years ago

Hi there, I would personally go for something to release all the fascial tightness that has built up so something like Myofascial release which follows the fascial meridians and naturally follows the Kinetc chain. Deep Tissue with Hot Stone would also help relieve restrictions in the erector spinae. The rollers are great as well so keep going with it!

Sources: http://www.brightonbodymassage.co.uk/pages/myofascial-release.php

HOLISTICALM 4 years ago

Hi Catty Sorry for the delay in responding. Reflexology works holistically similarly to acupuncture, by balancing the whole system mentally, physically and emtionally. Reflexology works by manipulating small reflexes on the feet, if you would like more details please feel to contact me again. Check out my website also, this explains reflexology in more detail.

Sources: http://www.holisticalm.co.uk

tink10 4 years ago

I would recommend deep tissue / hot stone massage sounds like you need to retrain your muscle fibres, deep tissue would help with that, not knowing about reflexology I cant comment on that sorry.

JohnGoodhew 4 years ago

Hi Catty, the problem is all to do with your Foot; Unbalance of the Body. The Answer as I see it would be Deep Tissue Massage, (neuor-muscular) say 3 Treats. Then sure Reflexology for future relaxation and Body Balance.
Have a great Day John.

MandyMinxer 4 years ago

May I suggest that you contact the AOR (Associstion of Reflexologists) and seek out a reflexologist locally to you who specializes in spinal and foot treatments.

Catty1003 4 years ago

Thank you everyone for your answers! Helped so much and so appreciated!

andys 4 years ago

Hi Catty, Reflexology is a treatment that I am not trained in , so have asked the question to therapists where I work. They tell me Reflexology can help to relieve muscle tension, regulate nerve impulses and stimulate, wake up and enliven the entire body, give it a try and see the effects .

XiaoYing 4 years ago

you can start with a gentle massage therapy descontracturar all paravertebral musculature.
Later, you can treat your ailment with reflexology.
It is especially suitable type a Feldenkrais body work.
A greeting with love.

Sources: http://www.masajexiaoying.es.tl

movethreesixty 4 years ago

The most important advice I can give is that posture varies from person to person. You may have an increased forward pelvic tilt which correlates to hyperlordosis (increased spinal curveture). I suggest deep tissue massage and corrective stretching. Anything else would be fixing the byproduct rather than the root cause. We have worked on hundreds of clients from around the country the effectiveness of a Corrective stretching program is next to nothing.
Sometimes consistent back pain may be referred pain from the inetrnal organs as this is fed through the nrevous system.

Sources: http://www.movethreesixty.com

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