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Question: I have constant back, neck and hip pain from 20+ years as a dancer. What type of massage would help?

Asked by katiel 4 years ago

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omassage 4 years ago

Hi Katie

I would reccomend deep tissue massage to get rid of old tension patterns and loose the muscles around your neck and shoulders, hips. Working on a trigger points in that area would also have fanstastic result. This combine with some exercices, stretching can help you maintain healthy and relaxed body. Hope that helps. Best, Ola

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sfmassage 4 years ago

Hi Katiel,

Dance is one of the most strenuous physical workouts you can do. Because of the athletic requirements for dance you should seek out an experienced therapist who specializes in sports massage. Many of the techniques that have been listed by other therapists would be used in sports massage. They need to know the muscular & skeletal systems including all attachments and actions of each muscle and joint because you may have old scar tissue that is restricting movement or joint or cartilage issues that would require different techniques or different specialists. They should be good listeners as well as good practitioners. You will benefit when you connect with such a therapist. Don't hesitate to change therapists if you don't feel you are getting the results you want, but it will not happen overnight. Be patient

Sources: http://www.siouxfallsmassage.net

MaryDornerStephens 4 years ago

Katiel, I do energetic hands on massage. It is fabulous for pain reduction. If you live anywhere near me, contact me and I feel that I can possibly help you. Thanks for askiing1

SethLevine 4 years ago

Hey Katiel,
Ola is right ...however if you've never had deep tissue work and depending on your tolerance to pressure, you might consider starting with some Myofascial Release, Reciprocal Inhibition technique, some PNF stretching and Muscle Energy Technique (MET). These techniques in combination help to release the facial tissues that encapsulate muscles to help facilitate them to move and slide independently as well as re-educate the muscles and reprogram the brain as to the proper muscle length and resting tone. I work with several dancers who have similar pain conditions and they find this approach to be very therapeutic.

I hope this is helpful....feel free to respond here or call if you would would like to inquire further.

Seth Levine
Middletown Massage Therapy LLC
Middletown, CT 06457

reSource-therapy 4 years ago

I believe that sometimes less is more and so for that reason I work with myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. The gentle work does not add insult to the current injury but allows the trauma of too much "whatever" to be gently unwound thereby allowing your body to get onto its work of healing. Our bodies are always about healing and if yours is not at the moment, there may be a good reason why not.

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katiel 4 years ago

I actually have had some myofascial release work done and I believe it does help, but it seems that it will take many treatments before I consistently feel better. That's probably true with any treatment though! Thanks for your advice.

jarodchapman 4 years ago

Hi There! As a deep tissue massage therapist I have to say that you need a once a week deep tissue treatment. The issue a lot dancers have as they age is often to do with hyper mobility. A structured strength traing schedule would also be of benefit. I hope that sheds some light. All the Best. Jarod

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katiel 4 years ago

Thanks Jarod! I do Pilates and practice yoga, which helps with controlling the flexibility through strength. I have gotten deep tissue massages, but not with the consistency I need to fully alleviate the problem.

tink10 4 years ago

It may well be your joints that are causing you problems, as well as acing muscles, I sympathise I too am a dancer i use to dance professionally, (podium dancer) a warm tissue massage will help the muscles loosening and relax.

I massage quite alot of dancers they like the hot stone therapy as it reaches deep, also try taking oil supplements for your joints. sadly :-( I ruptured my cruciate ligament I am out of the power dance game now although I still love to dance every chance I get.

JohnGoodhew 4 years ago

Hi Katie, the Answer to your Question would be a Full Body Neuro-muscular Therapeutic Massage; With Full Body Manipulations on your Joints. This would free you up, relaxing your Joints and Muscles. 3 Treatments will cure, with followed by regular Treats say once a Fortnight.
Have a great Day, John.
PS, when over Spain next, will sort things for you.

McGeorgemobilemassage 4 years ago

deep tissue but not so it hurts there are a lot of misconceptions about deep tissue but it shouldnt hurt!

massagesforladies 4 years ago

Hi Katie, I would suggest deep tissue. Please visit our website at http://www.welbeingmassage.com for further info

Sources: http://www.welbeingmassage.com

Angelica 4 years ago

Dear Katiel - it sounds like you've been pushing yourself for a long time. I would suggest that the best way for you to improve is to begin letting go of the layers of accumulated tension mentally - you could be amazed at the result. You can only go as fast as your body will allow you to. Ever considered using a medical intuitive?

TheLogCabin 4 years ago

Hi Katiel, may I suggest seeking out a massage therapist that also offers Reiki at the same time. The Reiki energy will complement the massage and kick start the self healing that your body requires. I have personally undertaken this option for many years as it helps with a 35 year old back injury I sustained. If you can't find such a practitioner, try separate treatments. Good luck ... John

andys 4 years ago

Hi Katie, Have to say Tui'na Chinese massage, treated sports people and dancers got great results. Treated Haley Tamaddon actress before she went on dancing on ice , said she felt great.

Oakynleaf 4 years ago

Deep tissue, myofascial release, and trigger point work. And of course Rolfing, but I am not a Rolfer.

Sources: http://www.claudemassage.net

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