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Question: My neck "went out" 2 days ago & is still killing me today, any LMT's have advice on trigger points?

Asked by Catty1003 4 years ago

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I broke my foot 10 months ago, since then, my neck will go out about once per month-usually the day after a tough workout-when I make abrupt movements (tilting my head back to wash my hair in shower, flipping over the pillow, etc) about once per month. I know they are related, but cant seem top figure out how..any advice on 1. how they are related? 2. working the kinks out or avoiding this in the future?! Help!

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Vivid 4 years ago

Really you need to get this diagnosed in person but it sounds like your neck is going into spasm due to the way you are holding yourself when you work out. You don't say what kind of work out you are doing, but it is worth taking time to do your exercises more slowly and using less weight so that you can pay attention to if you are tensing your neck or putting your neck in any awkward position. Trigger point therapy can release spasms but if this keeps happening you will also need to look at changing the cause. Your entire posture maybe out of alignment since your foot injury and bad muscle patterns may have been established. You really need to see a professional who can assess this and give you the appropriate rehabilitation exercises and postural advice.

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Catty1003 4 years ago

Awesome, thanks for your response! Mainly weights, but light-ish for now. Sprained the ankle on the same foot a few weeks ago so running mileage is low lately. Any recommendation on where to go for a professional opinion- Tried Chiro, wasn't working as a cure for me. LMT? Trainer? MD?

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MaryDornerStephens 4 years ago

Cat, Where are you located?
Use ice packs frequently, not just when you have a fare up. There is inflammation and the ice pack will help minimize the swelling and likelihood for such easy strains.
As far as hands on work, I would just have to feel what is going on. If you live near me, then call for an appointment. If not, then find someone with sensitive hands and good luck!

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Catty1003 4 years ago

I'm in NYC! thanks so much for your response!

jarodchapman 4 years ago

Hi Catty, are you hypermobile? 50% of my female clients are, and as such they have regular structural mishaps like disc misalignment, upper neck muscular tension etc. the broken foot may have caused structural compensation throughout your kinetic chain( this is the body's interlinking system of connective tissue, muscle and skeleton).
You must start a serious core strengthening program, this will aid lower spine support, ergo, a stronger upper back and neck. Regular stretching of the short and tightened muscles of neck, upper chest, lats and shoulders.
Get yourself a well qualified massage therapist and physical therapist as they will guide you back to healthy perfection.

Best of Luck. Jarod

DallasOncologyMassage 4 years ago

Come see me and we'll get them both back where they should be.

SaksCranmore 4 years ago

First of all do you warm up well before a work out and cool down? Have you been to a chiropractor to get re-alined.
Always go by referall as you know you're in safe hands.

Stevemason 4 years ago

Have you tried myofascial release? It does sound like there is a connection and a good myofascial therapist might be able to help you. Have a look at John Barnes website for a therapist in your area.

MichaelSmith 4 years ago

Hi Catty,
1) How did you break your foot? As in did it involve a fall or whiplash accident of some sort?
2) Do you think your legs are the exact length?
3) Do you sometimes feel that one foot turns in or you're not walking straight?
4) turning your head left or right; which direction is i) more painfull of 2) won't turn as far?

Sorry for all the questions. If you want a free assessment you can book one on any Tuesday or Thursday from 2:30-7:45 (0207 4197900).


sfmassage 4 years ago

You have presented us with a puzzle -- lots of pieces, but not necessarily in order. A more detailed history would be best face to face with your massage therapist. One scenario is that when you broke your foot it is possible that in the process of falling, catching yourself, etc. -- you could have also strained a muscle or muscles in your neck &/or shoulder. Then when you put it to work during exercise or stretch and move it out of it's safety zone it lets you know it is still in need of attention. It is also possible that during the healing process you were doing things in an unnatural position to favor the injury. This can have negative effects on those areas. Your therapist will want to know the answers to several questions. How did you fall? Besides the foot, what hurt right after the accident and what began later. What type of rehab did you do during and after the healing process? What specific movements are limited and what are not? Search for a therapist who is truly experienced in regularly working with injuries such as yours. If they aren't interested in finding the answers to these questions before they start then you should look elsewhere. Depending on which statistics you follow -- only 15 - 30% of massage therapists are truly skilled and experienced to provide superior service after an injury.

Sources: http://www.siouxfallsmassage.net

Catty1003 4 years ago

Thanks so much for all of the responses, super helpful and enlightening!

movethreesixty 4 years ago

This is a common problem because when there is pathology with the lower extremity it always refers up to the neck. This is how the body moves. For instance when you are walking. Planting the right foot on the ground creates asymmetrical inertia that swings the left arm, shoulder and torso forwards. This is natural human mechanics. If there is a 'break' in the chain then trigger point patterns or strains can happen somewhere if not at the end of the chain.
Personally you should get a clinician or myself to look at your pelvic alignment. If the pelvis is out of alignment due to faulty mechanics then the spinal column will definately be asymmetrically loaded. This results in the cranium laterally shifting or tilting to one side. So everytime you are training incorrectly for your specific posture then naturally the neck will be effected.
Postural and corrective exercise will be the way forwards! Remember cranial issues are commonly a byproduct of poor posture due to trauma of poor work/home ergonomics. Continually getting Cervical Torticolis once per month will lead to degenerative changes and arthritis so get it sorted!

Sources: http://www.movethreesixty.com

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