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Question: How do I change the perception of the salon I work in from an ethnic to family friendly?

Asked by Kthrne 4 years ago

3 answers

The salon I'm at is 6months old, the owners are trying to come across as family friendly however it seems (I heard from a friend) that the salon is known in the area as an ethnic salon. How do I change people's perception? I really love the owners and I don't want to go elsewhere. Thanks for your input!


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Bryan 4 years ago

Hi, more questions at the moment - than answers! What exactly do you mean by 'ethnic'? What activity / advertising etc do they carry out to 'come across' as family friendly...? Who's perceptions do you want to change? Also by 'change what do you mean?

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TotalAvatar 4 years ago

What do you want to change their mind to? Not being ethnic? Sorry you question is a little unclear.

Sources: eg. websites, books, people

makeupartistpro1 4 years ago

I actually seem to have the same concern for the spa that i work at!! What i can suggest is ADVERTISING you want to make sure that When posters and ads are put up it is not just pictures of one race you want to cater to the needs of each and every individual also it can be the staff .. is the staff mostly all "ETHNIC" ? if so that could be also the problem with how the salon is perceived ! Bottom line is diversity!

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