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Question: I want to train in Ashiatsu and am struggling to find any venues in the NWof england help please

Asked by Mandy1961 5 years ago

2 answers

I have search internet for courses on how to train for ashiatsu massage and have not found any venues in the north west of england who do such courses would appreciate any help


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jlafrano 4 years ago

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy has gone International and there are instructors here in the states that travel overseas to teach it. Contact the founder Ruthie Hardee at deepfeet.com to see if a class can be arranged for your area. I hope this helps.

Sources: http://www.deepfeet.com

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NaturalGrace 4 years ago

Chavutti Thirumal is similar to Ashiatsu in that the therapist massages your body with their feet but client lies on the floor. The therapist uses a rope suspended from the wall for balance. Helen Noakes teaches in England and Goa.

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jlafrano 3 years ago

go on the website deepfeet.com and contact Ruthie. she may be able to help you

Sources: deepfeet.com

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