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Question: I have a chronic trigger point in the infraspinatus origin/tendon. Any advice?

Asked by 5 years ago

14 answers

I have pain and numbness in the left shoulder/arm as a result of this chronic trigger point. Deep tissue only helps for a couple of days...any advice? And I mean SPECIFIC advice (I'm an MT)

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Angelica 5 years ago

Hi - Have you worked on both ends of the triceps? Also, to ease opposite tension to scapula, try to work on subscapularis - often helps. Not easy to work on yourself here as shoulder needs to be passive, although I've had some success when working upside down (as in a forward bend from hips) in order to release postural tension (although this would have opposite effect on subscapularis). You should also stretch all antagonistic muscles to front of shoulder. Supporting shoulder from front when sleeping is also good to regain normal position. Let me know how you go on. Angela :-)

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Lauren30 5 years ago

Did you have any recent injuries resulting in the numbness ? I would try to find a good chiropracter to find the reason you are having the numbess. . I can refer some god DC's if you live in the Atlanta area. Second, are you getting neuromuscular therapy from a LMT who is really experienced ? It sounds like you might have some nerve entrrapment - it could be stemming from your neck or cervical region, the only way to know is through physical assessment of your entire body. Go find a experienced therapist or D.C. Numbness usually indicates nreve entrapment which can be corrected by the means I have described. Also, how often do you get massage yourself ? You can email me at laurenkil@bellsouth.net.


andys 4 years ago

Hi Lisa , the suprascapular nerve supplies the supraspinatus and the infraspinatus muscles. This can be damaged by external pressure for example from a backpack or by repetitive one sided motions of the shoulder which cause tension in the nerve leading to swelling and entrapment. The Acupuncture point small intestine 11 is often the trigger point on the infraspinatus, it alleviates pain as well as relieving pain and fullness of the chest and ribs try this as well as massage look at your lifestyle too. Make sure you have enough rest between giving treatments use a ice gel on the area to hope this helps.

Sources: eg. websites, books, people

Angelica 5 years ago

Hi again - sorry, forgot to mention that you should work both ends of the triceps - you will probably find biggest result here. :0)

5 years ago

1. Once deactivated, TP shouldn't come back after just one or two days. It is the very way TPs form that should send us searching for other causes.
2. Described symptoms can very well be generated (and refered) from other Rotator Cuff muscles (teres minor is a nasty little thing, although the pain should be sharp)
3. Numbness in the shoulder can also be caused by SPS (serratus posterior superior), found deep to the rhomboids. See if you have any TP here.

Have a look at an article shown below in "Sources". It may help...

Holistic Practitioner

Sources: David Kent, LMT, NCTMB. "Trigger Points and Treatment of the Serratus Posterior Superior"

JLWmassage 5 years ago

Don't forget to work the pectorials. I like to get to these guys through the arm pit

yogicris 5 years ago

Yes..definatly invest in a bio heat lamp,,this will heal the affected area..
Also come to me for a chavutti session, this is the most thorough ancient massage available on the planet..
good luck

Sources: http://www.healingsoles.net

Head2Toes 5 years ago

I completely agree with Lauren30. That is exactly what I was thinking. :)

Angelica 5 years ago

Thank you Lisa. It is easy to get hung up on various terms and overlook basic structural problems. The triceps are often overlooked and should always be included in treatment of the shoulder area. Glad your pain is gone - just keep stretching those pecs for a while longer yet and reeelaaaax :-)

RainboughPhillipsLMT 5 years ago

Are you continuing to work the TP yourself? There are two major ways to treat trigger points. The ischemic compression/deep tissue/ force it out method, and the more gradual wringing method. A single session that forces out a trigger point often results in the trigger point returning in a few days especially if there is a recurring motion or activity that is causing it (performing massages could definitely be a culprit in getting an infraspinatus trigger point).

I would recommend you try the Clair Davies/wringing method. Instead of the deep occasional treatments. You work the trigger point 6-8 times per day with a tennis ball or other device. However you do not try to force it out. Instead you do 10 to 12 firm strokes in direction of the muscle fibers. Aim for a 7 on the pain scale where 10 is excruciating. This allows the muscle to get a new supply of blood/nutrients without overworking the irritated/damaged area. Also check your scalenes for trigger points. Scalene trigger points can mimic carpal tunnel symptoms.

I have also discovered through work with frozen shoulder clients that working the same muscle on the opposite side can help greatly in relieving pain in the affected shoulder.

Rainbough Phillips

Sources: http://www.triggerpointbook.com/shoulder.htm

michaeljames 4 years ago

Needle SI-9, SI-10, HT-1, LU-1

scott39 4 years ago

it could be because your atlas out you may need to get it put back in could be your your sleep pattern may you have the bed to hight you need to get some to look at you neck see were it come from

InfinityHealthCareCenter 4 years ago

of course all these answers are based on conjecture-MFR offers the answers with MFR Unwinding-allows you your process to heal and never forces-all those Aunt Sally answers are good places to start...but is that what you trulu need?

movethreesixty 4 years ago

Are you sure its trigger points? You should also check for Brachial Plexus impingment or hypertonic SCM, scalenes or cervical spine shifting. Trigger points can also be neural compensation!

Sources: http://www.movethreesixy.com

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