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Question: I have pink and white gel on my nails....I want to have my natural nails back. Where do I begin?

Asked by peggy013 5 years ago

7 answers

I no longer want gel on my nails. Do I Allow the salon to remove the gel or let it just grow out?


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emmalousteaman 5 years ago

hello peggy,
you can soak them off with acetone which you can buy from any beauty supplyer.
or you can pay for the salon to remove your nails...i suggest you do this as they have the right tools and wont harm your nail. this could cost from 10-25.
you can can let them grow out also but i tend to find most clients pick or bite them off,which could rip your natural nail.After any false nails you should always make sure your nails are cared for as they can really weak and bittle.Also i would suggest a mini manicure to get them bk into shape,better condition ect.

hope that helps xx

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Olabecee 5 years ago

Hi Peggy, I would recommend you go to the salon to have them profesionally removed (as long as its not an NSS salon you had them done in the first place) Also you would be better off having your nails SHELLACKED once you remove but if your local salon dont stock shellac then have them do a soak off with mini manicure and that should be about £25 in all (soak off and mini manicure) could be less depending on where you are.
Another thing you should seriously consider is getting a SOLAR OIL so you can use them on your cuticles morning and night. They work wonders.
Hope that helps?

vanessaryan 5 years ago

gel nails do not soak off very well in acetone, acetone is better for dissolving acrylic nails,its still best to into a salon as when your nails grow out they can start catching in your hair also if you have a bit off lift in them and not having infils there is a possibility you can get fungus.I definatley recommend you get them taken off and have a manicure on your own nails to prepare the natural nail to grow

tink10 5 years ago

If they can be acetoned off then have them removed and get your therapist to recondition your natural nails, how ever if they are the very hard nails which are hard to remove you can either file them away, growing them out is hard because they are difficult to cut down.

Tiana 5 years ago

Your best option is to have it removed in the salon and then to have a manicure straight after, to help recondition the nail and get it back to a healthy state.

NiceNailsBaby 5 years ago

After taking them off I highly recommend weekly manicures, and it will take about month for your nails to get back to normal.

la-belle-vie 2 years ago

Hi, you should get them removed from a professional as you could really damage your nail plate which will cause you over unwanted problems.

After they have been removed I would suggest weekly or fortnightly manicures. It should take a month or two to get you nails in the condition they were before.


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