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Question: what do personal trainer think of the C.H.E.K PROGRAM ?

Asked by scott39 4 years ago

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jjstraining 4 years ago

CHEK is remedial based as Paul is Physio trained. Expensive, focuses heavily on anatomy, kinesiology and functional based training. Good if you are looking for physio based fitness training (less Metabolic/Exercise Physiology based). Paul has exceptional knowledge but there are cheaper and more general courses available if you are just starting out in the industry and unsure where you might like to specialise.

Good Luck!

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scott39 4 years ago

yes in some of your answer your right but not i have did up to C.H.E.K level 2 i can help client more now what i ever did with ymca course paul is not physio he has read over £one milon in book yes he is the best out there the course are cheaper are not as good at all we all need to specialise. over 30.000 trainer in london if like to be the best you need to specialise there more to the body than a 8 week course you get what you pay for it same for client if you get a chep trainer he will not know what to do with a fungus and parasites and hormones and emotions this some of what a chek look at in client

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