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Question: What if i want to write an article ?

Asked by HeartFeltManifestations 4 years ago

2 answers

what if i want to write an article for this website? is there a way to do this without being a professional writer? I have passion for the holisic health-I am a creative writer and would love to write my passions of healing to help the world over-- where do I go?

and can you add Sound Healing to the list? or is it just Sound Massage? I utilize Sound Healing in my massages- Tuning Forks, Singing Bowl and I can tone Vowels and other sounds to help others heal at a deeper level.

Therapeutic Massage, Sound Massage

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Judy-J 4 years ago

Hi Sarah,

You don't need to be a professional writer to publish articles on Wahanda - we add content from therapists and writers alike. All you need to do to get set up is send us over your first blog/article and what you would like your blog to be called, and we'll put it on the site for you! If you'd still like to, send the details to me on judy@wahanda.com and we'll get started.

Do send us over a little info about Sound Healing and we will look at whether it is the same as Sound Massage or if it's worth adding it to our list of treatments.

Content & Site Editor, Wahanda

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candace-LMT 4 years ago

i think it would be awesome if you wrote an article on healing, im always looking forward to learning new things, and im sure others are too...sounds great, good luck with it .

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