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Question: Can you recommend a massage for people recovering from a Stroke ?

Asked by Lisa21 5 years ago

10 answers

I have read that massage is really good for Stoke victims. Do you agree & if you do agree can you confirm what massage you recommend & if this massage can be done at the persons home?

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erivera68 5 years ago

Well Lisa it all depends of the type of stroke and /or the condition the person is in after suffering one.After consulting his or her doctor, I will use primarily reflexology, hands and feet massage and light Swedish. Some times stroke patients have speech problems which makes hard get the proper feed back and know if the person is comfortable with the massage.But if you are allowed by their physician you can gradually increase the pressure, specially in the area with motor loss, combining, Swedish, Neuro-Muscular-Therapy, movement therapy and Shiatsu.But must important you must not cause pain and/or make the condition worse, consult a doctor first.

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Lisa21 5 years ago

Thanks for your advise. She is able to talk, thankfully the stroke hasn't effected her speech. I will get her to check with her doctor to see if they recommend massage for her & then if this is possible then I will get moving on with getting an appointment booked for her. Thanks again for your comments

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5 years ago

Massage is an excellent treatment for stroke victims--it can help improve blood flow and oxygen return, relax muscle contractures on the affected side, and reduce depression and anxiety associated with coping with a debilitating condition. Depending on the time since, and severity of the stroke (and of course check with your health care provider before beginning any treatment) I would probably recommend relaxation/Swedish massage to start. There are many massage therapists who make house calls--check this site for local MT's in your area.

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Lisa21 5 years ago

Hi, Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. The stroke happened at the beginning of March & has left my friend in a wheelchair. I don't feel shes getting enough help & support from the NHS & I think regular massage will really help her to a quicker road to recovery as 1 day a wk theropy from the NHS is really not enough!! I will request my friend to check with her theopist about massages because as well as having the Stroke she also has Cancer but she's a strong lady & has fought Cancer once already & she is ready to fight this again & she is also very determined to get up & walk again. I will take another look on the site for an MT in her area. Thanks again & if you can recommend anyone who could help in this area that would be great. Thanks again :)

5 years ago

Lisa, I am a huge believer in the idea that healing our bodies begins in our minds. It sounds like your friend has a great attitude and fighting spirit, which will go a long way in helping her to recover. Good luck and best wishes to you both.

TomChancyLMT-NCTM 5 years ago

I am currently working with a client under this condition. She has perfect cognitive functions and can walk, but has tingling down the right side of the body from lack of connection with the brain fully. Some nice slow, long strokes in a light to medium pressure effleurage works wonderfully - you can also add in some MFR to help with the muscle releases as well that sometimes bind up as a result of the stroke. The client's doctor recommended massage as a treatment and she was glad she found me "out of the blue." Also, use soothing music that "taps into" the DNA a little to help reverse some of the emotional effects of the stroke that also cause issues interiorly. Blessings!

reSource-therapy 5 years ago

Lisa has said it all. I concur. I wouldn't expect a stroke client to come into my office. It is much easier for them to be seen at home.

healer98 5 years ago

Cranio-sacral seems to make a lot of sense and maybe some effleurages for circulation and some gentle range of motion.

sportsmassagetherapist 5 years ago

I agree, but not in all cases. It depends on when the stroke happened and what was its reason:
When tha patient had the stroke because of big-big stress, massage is OK. But if he/she has narrow blood vessels, high blood pressure, vascular calcification, it depends on the physician! If he allows to do the massage and give a paper, it's OK.
It's better not to make the clients condition worse if it's dangerous.
So ask the physician 1st, pls.

Oakynleaf 5 years ago

1. I would want physician referral and guidance.
2. Slow and firm Swedish work would have to be the step off point.
3. From there, eventually, I could see myofascial and deep work.

Reformednurse 5 years ago

Yes, massage can be very good for post stroke patients. You'll probably want permission from the doctor in our litigious society, however. Also, you'll want to know what medications the patient is on. Blood thinners are commonly given after a stroke, including coumadin, aspirin, plavix, and others. If the person's blood pressure is very high, you'll want to know that too. Even some simple energy work or foot massage could be relaxing and help relieve pain or stress. Massage at home is just as safe as in a massage office setting, and probably easier for someone who has trouble getting around. If clots are the suspected cause of the stroke, you'll probably want to avoid the legs for obvious reasons.

johnperrott 5 years ago

After a stroke the brain has an amazing ability to relearn movement using other neurones or nerve cells. It is called plasticity. Massage improves blood flow through the limbs. However in the long term if you mobilise the limbs and joints at the same time as asking them to visualise them moving, their brain eventually takes over and makes the limb move. Some research shows that by restraining the "good limb" the other limb has to work harder to achieve the task.

Sources: http://www.johnperrott.com

ChrisBoles 5 years ago

I go to the Veterans Home to work on a fellow who had a stroke about 3 years ago. His spirit and drive are awesome! I have been working on him since Sep of 2008. Swedish Massage helps him relax and sleep better; Range of Motion work helps his frozen shoulder; He swims 3 days a week, and walks as much as possible with the help of orthodics.

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