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Question: New graduate, need advice on how to get started.

Asked by Arthur 5 years ago

12 answers

Hello, my name is Arthur, i'm newly graduated L.M.T. and need some advice on how to get started with my career. All advices are much appreciated. Thanks!

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erivera68 5 years ago

Hi Arthur:
Networking, networking and networking: First, let everybody that you come in contact with, know that you are an LMT. Second, Participate in sport events, health shows and the like.Third:Educate people of the benefits of regularly getting a massage and try to make them book one.
Then we get back to networking, talk to personal trainers, medical offices, dietitians, any other health specialty where you can refer you clients to them ,and they theirs to you.
Have ready: Business Cards and Brochures (simple, one page).
One thing I do when things get slow take my table by the pool or beach, with a volunteer, and when people see me they approach me, and I always get some clients.
If you want a lot of practice and not attached to anybody, you can be a LMT in a Cruise Ship, it is an excellent way to get better at your craft., and travel!
Finally: practice, practice and practice.
Good Luck!

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TomChancyLMT-NCTM 5 years ago

Cruise ships can be very hard to get on as a rookie. Steiner Management, particularly, does not take kindly to new LMTs, and you will be retrained to their expectations not your own. However, you can make a lot of money doing a 9-month contract and enjoy some really good ports of call.

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Poweroftouch 5 years ago

Get your name out. Use vistaprint. They give you all these free offer for biz cards,car magnets if you wish to start your own company. You have to talk with people, anybody, everybody. Let them see your passion for what you do. I have been out of school one year and in the economy I get no less than 5 massages a week. I was getting 4 a day for a while. economy doesn't matter if you are good at what you do and help relieve pain people will spread the word

Pavitra 5 years ago

Learn as much as you can about internet advertising - keep an eye on your performance stats and research the most popular keywords/metatags for your area of practice. Have a USP (unique selling point) that sets you apart form other practitioners. Offer to write articles for local publications, church magazines (usually get posted into every house in a parish) etc . Keep a record of all your sources of referrals as your own market research.
I have also used vistaprint to design my own brochures/posters/ cards etc and spent hours visiting every village hall, surgery, post office etc in the area to leave supplies wherever I could. Have a stall at village fetes - anything to be seen.....................
Remember to reward your loyal, regular customers from time to time.
The list is endless if you use your imagination and are passionate about your work.
Good luck................

JinaSmithLMT 5 years ago

I would recommend getting a job at a spa that hires you (not one that pays only commission) because they do all the booking, supplies, taking payment, ect. all you have to do is show and do the massages. Be careful not to let them use you. Yes, they are sometimes a little fluff and buff, but you can usually get free training to add to your tool box. It is all in how you approach it. THE BEST PART IS YOU GET PAID EVERY WEEK! Also if possible rent space from another therapist and pay rent by the massage if possible until you have built up a good client base.

SereneEscapes 5 years ago

I got all of my marketing materials through VistaPrint. If you sign up for their email list, you will constantly get emails for free stuff (you pay shipping). It's good quality too! I got a t-shirt and hat for free with my logo and I wear that around. You'll get people asking about it...guaranteed. I also got a lot of my massage supplies, like hot stones, on ebay. You can usually find some great deals on equipment if you keep your eye out.

GoDaddy has a Website Tonight plan for $4.99/mo. I highly recommend getting a website and putting your info on Google, Yahoo, etc. Google has a business listing service as well. I get results from that.

Network and maybe find a mentor. Get your name out there. I agree with the person that said do health shows and the like. I had several people ask for my information when I did a holistic health fair not too long ago. Go to every free event you can. Take business cards with you at least and if you have a brochure, take it as well. Be sure you stay within a 5 mile range of where you want to work though. Otherwise, you'll be advertising for someone else. Statistically, people aren't willing to travel more than that to get what they want / need. If you could get into a wellness practice with other practitioners, not LMT's, you can refer to each other.

Finally, keep up your practice and take CE classes often. It's a great way to stay fresh and use the knowledge you already have and combine it with new stuff. Trade massage with fellow therapists (who don't live or work near you) and share ideas with each other. Clients love to be "wowed" with your skills. It will keep them coming back. It's an exciting career, so good luck!!!

TomChancyLMT-NCTM 5 years ago

Yay, Arthur! Welcome to the real world! I'm newly graduated in February and recently licensed as of the end of March. One of the things that I learned from other career lives is that selling yourself will make everything about you. Being passionate about massage and not worried about how much money you will make definitely will fuel your career. There are a lot of places out there that will not hire "rookie" massage therapists no matter what. If you are good at what you do and you have other background to fall back on to pad your resume better, by all means, use that to your advantage. VistaPrint, agreeably, is the best source of nearly FREE marketing materials you can get. 250 cards with a custom logo and a grayscale back will cost you about $10-$20 when shipped fast. Hand a card out to everyone you know, give a few extras for people to sell you as well - especially if you've done some freebies for them. And, don't be too proud to massage for other services - in fact, if you meet the right people, you might get some free training out of it, or experience other healing modalities. And if you can get a hold of a massage chair, DO FREE CHAIR EVENTS!!!! Oh man, those alone can propel you to new heights. I live in Reno, NV, and there is so much market share to have a piece of. Take the plunge and just go after anything and everything. Be careful of spa environments that want to pay you less for all you do though. And, definitely, if on your own, don't charge too much, but not too little. Depending on the area you live, $50-$60/hour is definitely worth it to the average client. Most importantly, have fun!!!! The money comes the more fun you have!!!!

townshendmt 5 years ago

Try to network and work with someone who is a bit more established than you are. Right now in this current economy I can tell you it's tough out here. I've had my license since 2008 and I'm lucky to do one or two massage a month.

Setup a page on Facebook and get your name and face out there. Work on friends and family with get a business card out to local businesses, leave a few behind.

Arthur 5 years ago

Thank you all for answering

AngieCalloway 5 years ago

I would try a massage center or a day spa to get your feet on the ground !

JLWmassage 5 years ago

Also let others in the healing modality's now bout you. Draft a professional letter and send it to all the chiro's, pt's acunpunrists in your area to try to network to get referals

EBurrows 5 years ago

I am a new graduate too and I already have a job in a spa and have already scheduled people having massage parties and also some chair events. I have had alot of other job offers as well that I have turned down. A big part of my success so far was the help of my career service director at my school. I also took it upon myself to search potential places I could work at and emailed them ALL my resume. I started doing this before I graduated in hope that by the time I was done school I would have jobs lined up, and it worked. Another thing I would highly suggest doing is making your business cards and leaving them around and handing them out to people. Try offering discounts to first timers. A good place to make business cards and other marketing tools is vistaprint.com

i hope this helps.

brittvp 5 years ago

I would post your resume all over the internet, make your own website, pass out business cards.

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