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Question: mind control

Asked by andys 5 years ago

9 answers

How do you improve the way your mind wanders

Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation, Dynamic Yoga, Qigong, QiYoga

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Tyran 5 years ago

Forcing the mind to be still is like grasping a handful of water. Having written that, the easiest way to begin training the mind to stillness is single pointed concentration. Here are three ways to begin practicing this technique:

Visual focus: Find an object you can focus on and keep your gaze focused on it. I find that keeping the object of my focus small—a glint of light on a marble or a distinct mark on a table—allows me to keep my vision very focused on . just . that . one . thing . and focusing like this visually allows the mind to quiet.

Repeat this same practice but with the eyes closed and listening to a single sound. I find that the ticking of my desk clock works perfectly for this. I close my eyes and focus only on the tick of my clock and the mind quickly quiets.

Lastly, repeat this practice with sensation using the breath. With the eyes closed, feel the gentle movement of the inhale and focus all attention on that sensation. Feel the gentle movement of the exhale and, again, focus all attention on that sensation.

If you find that you can easily quiet the mind with these three techniques, then you can move from focused attention to meditative awareness. Begin the same as with the above practices and quiet the mind. Then, allow the vision to expand until everything is seen from the bottom left corner of your vision to the bottom right to the top right to the top left. See everything at once, focusing on nothing.

The same can be done with sound and sensation: Hear every sound around you, label nothing, allow every sound to enter awareness equally with no focus at all. Feel every sensation of the body, the internal and the external. Again, label nothing and do not focus on any one sensation but allow everything to be felt and accepted.

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andys 5 years ago

Thank you for your time, will try your advice

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Cathyhaworth 5 years ago

Hi Andy, The best way I find is to focus on the breath. The ujjayi breathing we use in ashtanga yoga creates a sound that is a good focus point. Don't beat yourself up when you find your mind wondering either, just acknowledge the thoughts, put them to one side, and then re connect with the breath.
Good luck
Namaste, Cathy

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cmiller 4 years ago

Thank you Cathy -

JustineYogaWirral 5 years ago


Choose anything, choose an internally repeated word (a nice one!) or an object. Focus your eyes/inner voice on it, try your very best, then...

simply notice if you become distracted WITHOUT engaging in any self-judgement (e.g. by NOT saying, "Oh, **** I'm thinking about shopping and my mind's wander, what an idiot, now I've failed, i may as well give up"... etc.!!!).

Training the mind is all about keeping it in the present moment.

"In between our memories of the past and our dreams of the future, there is a gift called the present."

All but the present NOW moment is illusion...

So, focus and if the mind wanders know that the mind's purpose is to think - it is only doing it's job - so don't beat up on your wonder-full brain for working, just return your focus to your chosen object.

give yourself permission and allow yourself to fail without negative internal chatter or self-criticism.

It's not what you do it's the way that you do it!

oh, also try balancing - that really helps concentration which trains the mind to remain focussed - Yoga poses could include Natarajasana, Vrkasana,

Good Luck!

Sources: my brain

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andys 5 years ago

Thank you for the advice and the time it took for your answer, will try my best

Alkin 5 years ago

I presume you mean how do you stop your mind from wandering? Assuming this is the question my answer is as follows.
Any attempt to force the mind from wandering will not only be fruitless but may also increase your mental wanderings.
Proceed gently and patiently, allow the mind to wander, force and effort 'to control' will only create emotional and psychological resistance to achieving what you wish to achieve.
Concentrate for as long as you can concentrate without any effort to control, over time with regular practice (small & often like a good diet) your mind will wander less and you'll be able to focus for longer. Your mind doesn't like to be told what to do (who does) it needs to be coaxed gently. Invest the time gently and patiently and your concentration will improve.
Don't concentrate too hard, this in itself will create resistance to concentrating, allow your concentration to be relaxed and fleeting, allow the commentary in your head to go where it may but maintain a small relaxed part of your mind at the task in hand.

Try coming to one of my Yiquan classes. Yiquan has innovated & elevated zhan zhuang (standing practices) to their highest level. Properly practiced zhan zhuang is ideal for developing this soft, relaxed but powerful intent.


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cmiller 4 years ago

Thank you Alkin- great input

MaryDornerStephens 5 years ago

The breath techniques are marvelous then I just gently invite myself to let it all go.....10,000 times.

MartinRodriguez 5 years ago

In order to improve the mind . It is good for our mind to wonder and get full of every little thing that we come in contact with. our eyes, sounds, feelings,thoughts help us improve our mind so we can focus in what we want to do.

Sources: Martin Rodriguez Tai chi chuan and chi gong training.

yoganikki 5 years ago

Tyran answered brilliantly. I find that focusing on my internal third eye, the spot inbetween your eyebrows also really helps me as well as breath.

erivera68 5 years ago

Some yoga teacher told me once, let all that you hear be your breathing.Works almost every time.Focus on breathing, and do it loud.

cmiller 4 years ago

When in doubt......just breathe deeper.

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