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Question: I suffer from neck pains - would a deep tissue massage help with this?

Asked by Missy 5 years ago

9 answers

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Andrew1 5 years ago

Yes deep tissue massage will help, but the Rolfing treatment I do will help much more.

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bluesealmt 5 years ago

That depends on the cause of neck pain. Massage has helped relieve my client's neck paindue to whiplas. It has even helped me with a chronic back and neck pain from a horseback riding injury. Massage can relieve pain from tight muscles and stress. It can also help ease the pain due to arthritis and bone spurs.

Rebecca Urban Oasis 5 years ago

Yes the treatments you have chosen may all help with neck pains but you must go to a very experienced therapist and be clear about what your 'neck pains' are. This could be a multitude of reasons and must be treated carefully and referred for assessment by Doctor or chiropractor if they are chronic and treatment is not suitable.

andys 5 years ago

It depends on the type of pain, every body is different you would have to have a full consultation first before any treatment is given.

Rogerio 5 years ago

Yes. Deep Tissue can help you, but maybe not necessary. Swedish Massage with a little of Tuina, can help you using less force in your neck.

Moonwaves 5 years ago

Necks hurt for many different reasons.

If you spent too many hours in front of the computer or slept with your head at a wrong angle or you have bad posture, deep tissue massage will probably help. Or trigger point therapy, or connective tissue (myofascial) or neuro-muscular. Better yet, a combination of those. If you have neck pain from emotional issues (I used to have a boss who, if I even heard his name, a particular spot on my neck hurt) then Swedish might help more - but all of the above as well.

If your neck hurts and you were in a car accident yesterday, no massage for you until you go to the doctor.

Jeff-Willet 5 years ago

Neck pains usually also lead to back pains and headaches. All three of these common symptoms can be treated with Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). This therapy treats areas of pain and tension, called trigger points. When the trigger point is treated, it releases and restores normal blood flow to the area and the pain is gone. The head and neck also gain long lost range of motion after one treatment. But you'll want to follow up for more NMT to make sure all of the trigger points are gone.

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

It depends on the persons tolerance, trigger point, passive stretches help too.

Amy-F 5 years ago

All of the above treatments you have suggested will help with neck pain (including stone massage therapy), but I think it is more important to find out what is contributing to the pain. It could be due to an injury, poor posture, your occupation and lifestyle, stress, your mattress/pillows even your chair at the incorrect height for your PC desk - causing you to lean over.

You may suffer from tension in your back, for which your neck is compensating. It may be that you require treatment from a GP/physiotherapist/chiropractor for chronic pain since there may be an underlying reason for this which massage would not relieve.

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