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Question: I suffer from neck pains - would a deep tissue massage help with this?

Asked by Missy 5 years ago

5 answers

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Andrew1 5 years ago

Yes deep tissue massage will help, but the Rolfing treatment I do will help much more.

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Rebecca Urban Oasis 5 years ago

Yes the treatments you have chosen may all help with neck pains but you must go to a very experienced therapist and be clear about what your 'neck pains' are. This could be a multitude of reasons and must be treated carefully and referred for assessment by Doctor or chiropractor if they are chronic and treatment is not suitable.

andys 5 years ago

It depends on the type of pain, every body is different you would have to have a full consultation first before any treatment is given.

Rogerio 5 years ago

Yes. Deep Tissue can help you, but maybe not necessary. Swedish Massage with a little of Tuina, can help you using less force in your neck.

Amy-F 5 years ago

All of the above treatments you have suggested will help with neck pain (including stone massage therapy), but I think it is more important to find out what is contributing to the pain. It could be due to an injury, poor posture, your occupation and lifestyle, stress, your mattress/pillows even your chair at the incorrect height for your PC desk - causing you to lean over.

You may suffer from tension in your back, for which your neck is compensating. It may be that you require treatment from a GP/physiotherapist/chiropractor for chronic pain since there may be an underlying reason for this which massage would not relieve.

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