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Question: How do I save my knees when training for a run?

Asked by alfonzo 4 years ago

7 answers

I'm supposed to be going for a charidee run in a few weeks time. I cycle every day but don't run often - I have had cartilage problems (knees and ankles) in the past so I tend to avoid impact exercises. What can I do to prevent me from ruining my poor joints?

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MarekDoyle 4 years ago

Definitely see a professional who can give you a full postural assessment (both dynamic and static). This can tell you if any muscles are tight/over-active - almost 100% of the running injuries I see are caused by tight muscles pulling excessively on joints and other over-compensation patterns. Glutes and quads are the most common. Posturally-aware personal trainers and most sports massage therapists can help you out here.

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Ambition 4 years ago

In all honesty I would recommend you visit a Corrective Exercise Specialist and have a musculoskeletal assessment done. I would recommend a Chek Practitioner (see more http://www.chekinstitute.com). It is likely that you have muscle imbalances and weaknesses and this should be addressed before pounding the streets particularly as you have cartilage problems. It is likely that your running would start with a combination of jog / walk but is all dependent upon dealing with the musculoskeletal imbalances and the extent of the cartilage damage

Sources: http://www.ambitionfitness.com

jarodchapman 4 years ago

Firstly Alfonzo you are cute !! Your leg , core and gluteal muscle coordination and strength are hugely important if you are about to run for a charity . Strong muscles , tendons and ligaments are achieved by a regular structured strength training programme . Your foot strike is also very important as the heel must touch the ground first , the calves/achiles are designed to absorb the impact of the foot striking the ground this will alleviate extra impact hitting your knees . Your running form needs to be tight and clean , I do suggest you see an appropriate sport specialist to design you a programme and observe your form as this will reduce your chances of injury .
Good luck and have fun !

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alfonzo 4 years ago

I don't really look like that :-) What you say makes sense tho - I do tend to run on my toes. Thanks.

scott39 4 years ago

toes runing is not good look at you gat

scott39 4 years ago

dont run just rest get your posture look at and gat may be a good rest will help it sound like you may be over training or yu have bad posture wich can be bad on joints

WVPilates 4 years ago

Make sure muscles that surrounds your joint capsule and ligaments are developed and strong. Good personal trainer, Pilates instructor, physio can show you the range of exercises to build the muscles up. All the answers down are great. There are products on a market that can protect your knees but consult a professional before buying

ldnpt 4 years ago

Wear the correct footwear, warm up properly and maybe strap up your knees to increase the pressure inside the joint if you mean during the activity.

If you are speaking about training for the activity, you can do pool running, cycling, eliptical, rowing to increase your cardiovascular fitness.

Also as a long term help you should think about take a glucosamine chondroitin supplement, you want to aim for a ratio of 1200mg to 400mg.

ChrisSciueref 4 years ago

You should buy an appropriate pair of running shoes for your condition. Make sure you are using a correct running technique to avoid straining those particular areas. It impossible to avoid impact on the knees and ankles when running but you can make the experience manageable..

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