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Question: All the different types of yoga can seem quite daunting: how to know which one is best suited for an

Asked by FrancescaTeti 5 years ago

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Tyran 5 years ago

Knowing where to even start can be daunting! I would suggest looking up all the studios/teachers in your area and determining what style are available to you. Once you have your list of what is available, jump online and read up on each style and, if possible, read what your locally available teachers have to say about themselves and what their students have to say. Just this small amount of research will usually give you an idea of which style might suit you best.

After finishing your research, it's time to grab a mat and do some in depth investigation: Take a class. List the top five teachers/studios that appeal to you most and take three or four classes. Why take three or more classes at each location? You might hit your "perfect" teacher and style on an off day. Also, taking three or more classes gives you an opportunity to really evaluate how you respond to the class rather than just a knee jerk reaction. Of course, if your experience is simply awful, then cross that class off the list.

Finally, once you find your "yoga home," stay there. Unless you have an exceptionally compelling reason to move to a new teacher/studio, don't do it.

1. List local studios/teachers and available styles.
2. Research styles and teachers online and note the top 5 that really appeal to you.
3. Investigate the top 5 by attending a few classes.
4. Go in with the intent of making a new home.

What happens if *none* of the styles appeal to you? Books, videos and more books. Search online for the style that speaks to you. Attend classes near you and experiment with what is available (you might find something wonderful that way). Above all, don't fret about not having a teacher/mentor/guru. When the time is right, you will realize what you are seeking.

This was my own experience for the first seven years of my own personal practice. When the time was right, I finally found my yoga home—2300 miles away but at least I now have a home!

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JustineYogaWirral 5 years ago

for an? think something may have been cut off there but happy to answer if you can re-ask.

CatherineAnnis 5 years ago

Agree completely with Tyran - find a class that's convenient for you geographically, and at a good time, so that you can commit to it regularly. Then go along and check it out. Double check before you go who is teaching, so that you can be sure you are experiencing the regular teacher, and not a cover teacher.
It's a good idea to arrive ahead of time, so that you can settle in and introduce yourself to the teacher before class. Explain what you are looking for, and have a chat. If there's no time before class, most teachers will be happy to meet you after class and answer questions, or discuss your concerns and interests. If that particular style doesn't suit you, the teacher may be able to direct you to another teacher that may be a better fit. Good teachers are concerned that students find a teacher and a class that works for them, so that they practice yoga and begin to experience the almost magical transformations that can take place, over time, and with a little persistence and effort.
I wish you luck and joy in your yoga journey, and hope to maybe meet you at Primrose Hill some time soon!

Sources: http://www.relaxandrelease.co.uk

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