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Question: how much does it cost

Asked by Thomas1985 5 years ago

25 answers

Can you help out?

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GoddessWithinLLC 5 years ago

Hi! The nationwide average in the US is $1 per minute. This price may vary, depending on the area where one seeks treatment.

Sources: http://www.massagetherapy.com

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Alejajay 5 years ago

I would say a good average that you are going to pay for a massage around this area is $1.00 per minute. Some are cheaper and some are more expensive, but that is a pretty solid average.
-Rebecca at Royal Table Massage Therapy

Sources: http://www.royaltablemassage.com

jarodchapman 5 years ago

Hi Thomas , my at home price for a full body treatment is normally £140 , it is a full body experience for one and a half hours . As a Wahanda subscriber I offer a 30% discount .
to your Health and Happiness . Jarod

jarodchapman 5 years ago

Hi Thomas , my at home price for a full body treatment is normally £140 , it is a full body experience for one and a half hours . As a Wahanda subscriber I offer a 30% discount .
to your Health and Happiness . Jarod

hilarypc 5 years ago

Starts at $1 per minute for Chair massage max 25-30mins. Table massage depends on length of session and whether it is a basic Swedish or Deep Tissue and whether it's an office visit or an out call as travel time needs to added. A 60min Therapeutic Massage is $90 at our location. Hope this answers your question.

the-chattanoogan-spa 5 years ago

Depends on type of massage and session length. See profile or website for specific pricing. http://www.chattanooganhotel.com (click on spa)

DallasOncologyMassage 5 years ago

It depends on the type of massage you are receiving and the skills and amount of education units required to perform that service. Relaxation massage can typically be performed by any licensed therapist. The more specialized modalities will cost more due to the specialization. Should you need lymphatic drainage then the cost can be up to $225 per session. If you need this type of treatment, it well worth it and much less costly then tradition medical treatment, if even available. What is it you are seeking?

atouchofhope 5 years ago

Thank You for asking, I charge by the 1/2 hr -$40 or 1 hour- $60

Sources: http://atouchofhope4u.com

JonLudeke 5 years ago

Hi Thomas. My massages usually cost between $90 an $120 due to time. I pride myself in my massages lasting an hour and a half to two hours. I like to take my time make sure I cover everything that needs to be worked on. I spend a lot of time on the back and the glutes. That's where I've learned most people carry their stress, whether they realize it or not.

Valerii 5 years ago

It depends on the type of massage that you want. A swedish massage is running anywhere from $65-$80 and hour depending on where you go. The prices go up from there.

ezekiel 5 years ago

Varies widely depending on where you are in the US but goddess in the SF Bay area the price is just a few cents above a dollar an hour.

Sources: http://www.zekesbodyworks.com

Josyane 5 years ago

For a Full Body Massage I charge $90, but I have a special running on until mid April for $65/hour. Each massage is customized using different techniques depending of what the client needs. I have more than 11 years of experience and education.You can go on my website and see all details...http://www.Healthy TouchCa.com

bamboogarden 5 years ago

Bamboo garden massage studio charge only $50.00 per hour,with combination techniques,including:deep tissue (japanese),relaxation (swedish),Hair & scalp massage and treatment,facial,reflexology and stretching (Thai).

Marzenka 5 years ago

1h massage + 15min complementary consultation £70
1 1/2 h massage + 15min complementary consultation £100
to book a treatment please call reception 0207 821 1020

JLWmassage 5 years ago

My rates start at $35 for a 1/2 hr

massagebymimi 5 years ago

1) Thomas, from an independent massage therapist, it's typically $1 a minute, but if that therapist is travelling to you, there may be travel fees and a set amount of time you can receive your massage (1 Hour or 90 minutes).

2) If you go to a spa with many ammenities they need to pay the overhead so the amount you spend may be more even if you are there for just a massage. If they are offering you lemonade in a glass mug, a bathrobe, a jacuzzi or spa, and a beautiful, serene environment, you could easily spend $130 for a 1 hour massage...even if you turn the rest down.

3) Some Chiropractors take insurance and massage is included. Whatever your copay is is the amount you pay.

4) If you go to a massage school, you may pay a lower fee from a student between $40 and $60 and higher from an instructor $60 and $80 for an hour.

5) Some places offer a membership program. You pay whatever the membership fee is and get discounted massages throughout the year. Some places have roll-over time, and some places don't.

6) None of this includes a gratuity if you are a tipper.

Sources: http://www.iwannarelax.com I've been a massage therapist since 1998

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

Often people are told a dollar a minute, but it also depends on the set up and take down or how many modalities are used in the treatment. I have a one hour foot massage where I use hot stone, reflexology and essential oils and it includes a foot soak and individual foot scrub, I charge $75. half an hour massage is $35 and it is a deep tissue massage it is $70 for an hour - this can produce alot of stress on the hands for the therapist.

CristinaR 5 years ago


michelleking 5 years ago

the average is a dollar a minute but for the more detailed massage it would be more

ChrisSciueref 5 years ago

Hello, the massage therapy sessions cost £30 per hour and take place at Goswell Road London EC1V

Nayda 5 years ago

Prices start at $65. an hour and $35. half an hour.

yogicris 5 years ago

please view my website,for prices

Sources: http://www.healingsoles.net

bamboogarden 5 years ago

Combination Asian techniques with full session 135 minutes for MALE or FEMALE including:
*JAPANESE ( barefoot deep tissue and trigger points),*SWEDISH (relaxation,light touches),
*THAI (stretching),*REFLEXOLOGY ,* FACIAL,* SCALP & HAIRS (massage and treatment) .
Special offer for FIRST TIME INCALL VISIT: with full session 135 minutes :
*** 8AM-1 PM : $60.00 *** 1PM-MIDNIGHT : $80.00 *** MIDNIGHT- 4AM: $100.00 ( 7 days) .
Special for Military Leave of Absence always $60.00 for full session 135 minutes.(8AM-6PM ONLY)

OUTCALL 135 minutes $150.00 ( please call atleast 4 hours in advance ).

Sources: bamboogardenmassage@yahoo.com

pause4massage 5 years ago

I charge $50 for a full body and $35 for a back & shoulder.

dhart3058 5 years ago

My rate is $65.00 for an hour relaxation massage

Sources: http://www.classymassage.com

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