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Question: Is a facial kind on sensitive skin?

Asked by Missy 5 years ago

3 answers

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Rebecca Urban Oasis 5 years ago

Yes all good spas/salons will have a range of products in their skin care range suited to sensitive skin. Ring and discuss before you book so you can prepare and relax at your treatment.

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Hotesthetics 5 years ago

Yes it is Missy. I make my own products from fruits and oats. I use these for my sensitive skin clients. Soothing and calming the skin is best for this skin type. So make sure you use organic products or visit your local heath food store for suggestions on making your own.

Norah 5 years ago

Let your Therapist know that your skin is sensitive and then the Facial can be adapted to be as helpful as possible for your skin. Most Salons or Spas offering Facials will carry a range that is specifically designed for sensitive skin but you might like to check before hand. Sometimes people think that their skin is sensitive but it has just become sensitised and there is a lot that can be done to strengthen the skin so that it becomes less reactive. If your skin is very sensitive it may look pinker or slightly red after the Facial because even a gentle Facial is still stimulating to the skin but this should settle down within an hour of the Treatment. You're right to be cautious but you certainly don't need to be put off having a Facial just because your skin is sensitive. Actually Facials should be kind to any skin!

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