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Question: What type of additional services do Acupuncturists provide?

Asked by unity 5 years ago

2 answers

I am currently finishing up pre reqs so I can enter the Oregon Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine School.I would like advice from fellow acupuncturists on what path he or she took to get started and become successful. What extra services do you provide and how has this contributed to your success?


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SilverHand 5 years ago

While Acupuncture is currently most commonly linked with Chiropractic practices, many LAC’s often gravitate towards wellness co-ops or healing centers that may include an ND, Doula, Massage Therapist, or a Counselling practice. Because of these associations many LACS’ will design protocols that work synergistically with therapies being practiced within that collective. Investigating these types of therapies and having a strong comprehensive foundation now may allow you to look for or adapt protocols as you learn them in school. While such protocols are not separate therapies per say, once developed they can be organized and billed for themselves.

Understand that Acupuncture is, together with the use of herbal medicines and other treatment modalities, a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Completely separate healing modalities that you may wish to add to “pad” your business might be as simple as Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Tui Na (Body Harmonics). or more complicated efforts may lead to a study and practicing more completely traditional Chinese medicine in full. I believe the question boils down to ambition and drive. How much you personally wish to learn and practice now, and where and when you are willing to refer clients to others.

I would recommend that you allow your studies to expose you to what disciplines are available within your school, and those experiences in turn to suggest what further education you may want to acquire.

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andys 5 years ago

My path started as a sports therapist this experience helped me start to understand what people needed, to give a good treatment. To help my clients even more I studied Tui-na Chinese massage and began to give treatments using a combined approach . Some Acupuncture places teach this as well , then came Acupuncture so my treatments consist of Sports massage, Chinese massage , cupping and Acupuncture. To become a good therapist go the extra mile for your clients , know your subject and success will come. Some clients are put of by Acupuncture , with these I do Chinese massage first ,this builds trust and then in the next few treatments , they then try Acupuncture. Good luck hope this helps.

Sources: eg. websites, books, people

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