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Question: I'm looking for a personal trainer in W9 for two sessions a week with a 20st almost sedentary woman.

Asked by jordylass 1 year ago

6 answers

I'd like to find a personal trainer who has experience dealing with obese clients and can support the transition from almost sedentary to independently physically active. I do not have space in my home to train.

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Henlu 1 year ago

Hi Jordy

I train a number of clients of all shaped and sizes in Maida Vale, W9 every day.

Please see my website: http://www.henlupt.com

I'm also the owner of a very successful Health Retreat company.

I suggest we catch up for a chat to discuss all the bits and pieces. Feel free to get in touch.



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chekpractitioner-888 1 year ago

I work within the W9 area and have access to a studio if need be.

For a free consultation, contact me on corelegacyfitness@yahoo.com



07720 718 421

Sources: Www.corelegacy.com

deancallisPT 1 year ago

Hi we offer personal training in W1 at the Editions hotel. If you would like more information on our services and company. Please email us at deancallispt@gmail.com hope you have a nice day. Kind regards Dean

Sources: http://traindirtypersonaltraininglondon.tumblr.com

AmberK 1 year ago

Hi Jordy,

We are a small studio located in W8 and have trainers that are experienced in working with obese clients, on top of that we have an in house nutritionist as well.

You can email me at amber@thekensingtonstudio.com - would be happy to answer any question that you might have.

Kind Regards,
Amber Krol - Operations Mananger - The Kensington Studio.

Fitinfitness 1 year ago

We are MG Fıt ın Fıtness Traınıng. We offer taılored Personal weıght loss Traınıng.
Our private Pt studıo Near old Street also can travel to you and traın Near park.
We can arrange free skype or face to face consultatıon. Contact us for more ınfo 07809575299 or ınfo@mgfıtınfıtness.com

Murat Gecmen
CEO, Master Personal Traıner

AemHealth 1 year ago

Hello, we offer a 10 weeks online transformation programme. Initial online consultation is free . Followed by a Studio consultation upon starting the 10 weeks transformation programme. With weekly online follow up meetings and also a transition programme at the end of the 10 weeks. Our approach is holistic and therefore incorporate body (personalised eating and exercise plan), mind (affirmations) and soul ((re-aligning energies and finding balance). get in touch at info@aemhealthandfitness.com or call/text us 07975904903. Arriane x

Sources: http://www.aemhealthandfitness.com

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