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Question: How do I get rid of an ingrown hair?

Asked by Sultana7 1 year ago

2 answers

Whenever I use the epilator, my hair grows back beneath the skin. I have tried exfoliating but there's no change. Waxing is another option, but I don't always have time. Do you have any tips to get rid of ingrown hairs?


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CindysBeautyLounge 1 year ago

Hello Sultana,
you should exfoliate gently daily, and apply a lotion with tea tree oil or jasmine oil. These help prevent ingrown hairs.

Cindy (Spa & Beauty Therapist)
Cindy's Beauty Lounge

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Sultana7 1 year ago

Thank you Cindy! What should I use for exfoliation? I

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MichaelaMitoi 1 year ago

Hi Sultana,

Unfortunately people who epilate tend to be more prone to ingrown hairs. This is because the hair sometimes breaks under the skin. Waxing will help as i have clients that tell me their ingrown hairs improve while waxing. As the other person said, yes exfoliate and moisturise during treatments. You could also try ingrown hair products? They gently but effectively exfoliate the area and draw up the hair.
Hope this is helpful.

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Sultana7 1 year ago

Thank you Michaela. Tried waxing as well. And indeed I am very happy about the results, but the downpart is that you have too wait until your hair grows out properly in order to get waxed again.

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