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Question: Searching for UK based health farm (for want of better word) able to help with food addiction.

Asked by Piper 1 year ago

1 answer

Previously happy, high achieving teenager is severely addicted to sugar, causing depression, behavioural issues, inability to attend/concentrate at school, general unhappiness. Only recently made the connection between the mood swings and the sugar but it is very evident and real. Looking for a place/health farm that might offer total safety from the everyday temptations and pressures of life (for perhaps a couple of weeks) so that she can kickstart a weaning process for this addiction, which is currently all consuming and destructive. She desperately wants to rediscover her stable, creative, fun, positive, upbeat, happy, healthy self.

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1 year ago

Hey Piper, oh gosh that sounds terrible but so good that she wants to change it. Really, really good. Anyway, it's not so much of a health farm but the Cotswold Juice Retreat (https://www.wahanda.com/place/the-cotswolds-juice-retreat/) might be a good place to start? Although it's for people who want to 'detox', it's set away from the temptations of goodies and could be an option? Sorry if this doesn't help and good luck with your search x

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