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Question: Qery about Voluma and Juvaderme.

Asked by Carole54 1 year ago

2 answers

I have just had Voluma in my cheeks and my lips done with juvaderm. Love it! I am wondering if it is ok to use my clarasonic and vitamin A and dermaroller as normal?

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hmSkinBeautiful 1 year ago

Hello Carole,

Thank you for your question to the community.

We would not recommend using anything like a Clarisonic device and certainly not a Dermaroller for 14 days post treatment. Exactly what grade of roller are you using for yourself?

I am a little confused as to why your medical aesthetics practitioner was bereft of such advice following your treatment. After care advice is an essential part of medical cosmetics.

If you have any further queries then please just let us know.

With best regards
Helen Bowes

Registered Practitioner No. MD1248/12
Advanced Medical Aesthetics Practitioner

Skin Beautiful Medical & Cosmetic Clinic
Authorised Genuine Dermaroller™ Clinic

Sources: http://www-hm-skinbeautiful.com

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Carole54 1 year ago

Thanks. Is it ok ayto use the clarasonic after 14 days? Am I able to use it before if I avoid the areas filled? I only use a 0.5 roller and forgot to ask the clinic about using them.

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FacesbyRobin-LE 1 year ago

I agree completely with Carole! However, your topicals should be okay probably even sooner than the Clarisonic and dermaroller. As I am someone that also gets fillers, as well as Botox, I will say that I have had concerns regarding the filler and dermarollers too. I often wonder if the effects of the dermaroller might cause migration, to some degree, when used on a face with filler. Honestly, as a result, I no longer use my dermaroller until my filler is almost gone, or I am due for more. I am also considering permanent filler (fat used from the body) in the future. I feel more confident that my own fat would probably not migrate.

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