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Question: Can anyone recommend a hair treatment for sensitive scalps and thin hair?

Asked by SoniaAfrin 1 year ago

9 answers

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davidhardy293 1 year ago

HYPERTOLERANT SHAMPOO for hypersensitive scalp have been developed without irritating ingredients to give your scalp the gentle cleaning and care it needs.

Sources: http://thespaatkonabeachhotel.com/

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johnla781 1 year ago

I have very fine hair and a sensitive scalp and in the past few weeks I've noticed that my scalp has been red and itchy. Loreal's Elvital shampoo is the best for hair treatments.

Sources: http://www.thespaatbeyc.com/

jolene-c 1 year ago

Hi I'm not sure of the exact product you need but Kerastase products are the best range of products for specific hair and scalp problems.
Go to any Kerestase retail salon for advice but buy the product online as its cheaper ;)
I hope this helps

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SoniaAfrin 1 year ago

Thank you so much

Lottie94 1 year ago

Definitely try Nioxin shampoo and conditioner range. My hair was left really thin from wearing hair extensions for 6 months, but this brought it back to life in no time. Its now thicker than ever!

SoniaAfrin 1 year ago

Thank you

Garyhely 1 year ago

Try la Biosthetique producs. Lipokerine E shampoo and bio fanelan regenerant

Sources: http://www.haircareshop.co.uk

elinormb 1 year ago

I do not work for this company but this is the shampoo I recommend to all my clients as it will not irritate the scalp when even the most organic and best shampoos like Aveda and Kerastase still irritate. This shampoo can be bought in all good independent chemists in the UK (not Boots) or you can buy online. All Phyto products are excellent.

Phytoprogenium Intelligent Shampoo
Formulated with a natural, clarifying base which gently cleanses irritated and sensitive scalps providing fast-acting relief. Hair and scalp is protected with each shampoo, leading the way to healthy, beautiful hair. Enriched with oat, almond milk, marshmallow and antioxidant rich olive leaf extract.

boutique10 1 year ago


Try castor oil which you can get at your local super market -also search the reviews this oil is a god send! I had gaps in my brows and slight loss of hair and used this 3-4 times a weeks and noticed a big difference!

Try not to use perfumed shampoos or conditioner and use an essential oil such as lavender with a organic shampoo and conditioner
Hope I have helped you

our facebook for more info

ladybird97 1 year ago

There are many causes of thin hair or hair loss

Sources: http://www.thinninghairandhairloss.com

ladybird97 1 year ago

i found this site very helpful


Sources: thinninghairandhairloss.com

ladybird97 1 year ago

E45 is used by many of my clients with scalp condition

Sources: http://www.thinninghairandhairloss.com

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