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Question: I have naturally red hair and am getting a full head of foils, can anyone recommend a colour?

Asked by Alicia16 1 year ago

5 answers

I have naturally red hair and on the 25th January I'm getting a whole head of foils. I don't know what type of blonde would be best to get done because I've had problems in the past with my hair turning green.

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IngridWatts 1 year ago

Hi I have a salon near Brighton and I can only suggest going for blonde highlights with bleach as this is the only thing I can do on one of my red hair clients. Hope this helps

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sheilaroni 1 year ago

Hi Alicia, There are many different shades of red and it's hard to give you a color recommendation with out seeing you, your hair color & skin color to know what shade of blond would be best, but a safe guess would be a golden or coppery blond these colors are less likely to turn gray or greenish. I hope this helps you. Enjoy your beautiful new hair color, Sheilaroni

KathleenKincade 1 year ago

Have you stylist help you. Do you have any color on your hair now, and how long ago? Tell her that you have had problems with green.

cavalii1 1 year ago

best color for you poor light beige blonde highlights very thin, and a lot of foils

Marissa 1 year ago

Hi Alicia,

Honestly your hair shouldn't turn green unless someone really screws up since red and green are opposites on the color wheel and neutralize each other. I have a few more questions for you, when you say naturally red do you mean coppery or auburn? That can make a big difference! Also, is your hair naturally straight or curly? Personally I like a nice balayage as I think it's more current style wise. I would do a high lift instead of just bleach as they can be more gentle and will help tone while lightening and are easier to control.

All in all, your hairstylist will be able to give you the best advice since he/she can physically see your hair :)

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Alicia16 1 year ago

Auburn it use to be lighter but darkened as I got older and my hair is wavy

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