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Question: Can having a Thai Massage be a bit painful?

Asked by Missy 5 years ago

4 answers

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skyyogastudio 5 years ago

Having Thai Bodywork done can be uncomfortable as the therapists works to unblock energy, this is why compassion is key to thai massage, coupled with breathing - to let go of gripping and tension. I used Thai massage and yoga therapy to treat both of my shoulders after I tore my cuff and could not lift my arms. Both were agony to go through but in the end I have full range of motion and no surgery.

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EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

I would say if you don't stretch much and you have never had someone walk on you if could be uncomfortable, but invigorating I would think.

SilverHand 5 years ago

Everyone will have a different pain tolerance and each Practioner will have different depths of ability to sense and respond to a client’s threshold. That said, while Thai Massage can be quite intense for stubborn muscles or sensitive body types, the Therapist should be in constant communication AND education with the client to limit these feelings or fears.

Sensations unfamiliar can be thought of as pain but may be interpreted differently when the patron understands what, why, and how. Any type of massage that activates deep tissues will be havoc on the body the next day. The standard procedure being to drink lots of water after the massage, and the next day feel like you were run over by a bus. The following days will have you feeling 110% better. The key is to be relaxed as possible during a session, and continued communication with the Therapist.

andys 5 years ago

It depends on the condition of your body , most therapists vary there treatments to suit the clients needs. Regular treatments make them less painful.

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