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Question: How can I 'tie dye' my light blonde hair?

Asked by  Evagiraud 4 months ago

3 answers


I am light blonde (highlights) and I want to 'tie dye'/ dip-dye my hair. I think I would need to darken the roots - which might be the opposite to what is usually done. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can do this?

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 NatashaD 4 months ago

Hello Evagiraud, Return to Glory offer a luxury mobile hairdressing service, you can even choose your own stylist.
Please see link below.

Look forward to hearing form you soo



Sources: http://www.returntoglory.co.uk/client/mobile-hairdressing.aspx

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 IngridWatts 4 months ago

Here at my salon in Southwick, West Sussex, several of my clients have had this done. It's abit complicated to carry out but the results are worth it. If you live in Sussex, pop in to us for a consultation. Www.finetofabulous.co.uk

Sources: Www.facebook.com/finetofabulous


 davidhardy293 3 months ago

Ever wondered how to tie-dye your hair? It's actually pretty easy and for going Golden blonde from a medium Brunette color you'll have to get the Bleach Blonde kit.

Sources: http://thespaatkonabeachhotel.com/waxing.aspx

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