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Question: Can anyone advise on using a facial peel for acne?

Asked by Carole54 1 year ago

5 answers

Hi, My son is 17 and has moderate to severe acne. He is on acne-treatment azelaic acid gel and antibiotics. Does anyone recommend using a facial peel, and if so which one? Thank you.

Chemical Skin Peel

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AdancedBeauty 1 year ago

Hi Carole, which antibiotic is your son taking ? as i know that it is not advisable to use a peel treatment if taking Accutane ! please let me know and i will get some more info for you

Best wishes


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Carole54 1 year ago

it is erythromycin thanks.

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BeautyAvenue 1 year ago

Hi Carole, azelaic acid reduces the growth of the keratin reducing the thickness of the skin (acne suffers tend to have a thicker skin which means it gets more congested) due to this skin peels would not be advisable. I would recommend continuing for 6 months with the gel and anti-biotics and having a good skincare routine including an anti-bacterial wash, oil controlling moisturiser. With all things give it all time and if in 6 months the skin has not improved then re think what to do next. Vicki

DellRothman 1 year ago

I reccomend VI Peel, it's safe, effective and you will see the result on first application.
There are some preparation 10 days prior the VI Peel application.

Best wishes,

Sources: http://mdwellnessmd.com/skincare-services/vi-peel-in-nj/

Daniel777 1 year ago

You cant use IPL for acne.

atia69 1 year ago

Pharmaclinic facials for acne and microdermabrasion facials I also had same problems tried mine out at Laylas Beauty Hub fantastic job i feel much better in myself