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Question: Can anyone recommend somewhere for micro ring hair extensions in Kent?

Asked by PurpleChilli 2 years ago

3 answers

I lost my hair in January of this year due to radiotherapy. It's growing back very slowly (currently 1-2 inches) but it's now uncomfortable to wear my wig so I'm in need of something new. If not micro rings then something else, suggestions very welcome.

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nv-extensions 2 years ago

Generally for extensions to look natural we say that clients have hair long enough to tie into a ponytail, even a short stubby one. The issue with micro rings is that the rings themselves will be readily visible as your hair would be too short to disguise them well.
Keratin shrinkies are also not an option as they are 1cm long so potentially even more visible than a ring.
Keratin micro bonds may be better, but once again I would say that your hair is too short to do anything yet....
Can I ask are you still on any medication? As some side effects mean your hair is continually kept weaker than normal and we often say that you should wait at least 6-9 months after your last treatment before considering the additional weight of extensions on newly growing and potentially weaker hair.
I hope that's been of some help? If I can help in any other way contact me via http://www.nvextensions.com.


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kirill 2 years ago

I personally provide this particular service. However I do this by using Advance MicroBonds'™ which is specifically engineered micro rings. I always use Remy human hair to serve my client. You can book an appointment for a free consultation with me to discuss about your preferences.

Sources: Salon Owner of http://www.hairextensionsbykirill.com

CarlosLondon 1 year ago

Hi Purple Chilli

at CARLOS LONDON Hairdressing we have just lunched a new hair extension system that reduces any potential damage to the hair by 50% called M- Fold Connections as allot of are clients were worried about the same issue. Check them out they are amazing.

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