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Question: How often should you have a full body massage and how quickly do you see the benefits?

Asked by  Sankofa91 7 months ago

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 DynamicCalm 7 months ago

There are no definite rules with the regularity of massage, I would say though that it's a shame people tend to only leave it until they have aches and pains. You can have them as often as you like and not just as a luxury. The benefits of massage are often felt immediately, for some as soon as they hit the massage couch they start to unwind. If you are however going to have deep tissue massage, you may feel a little discomfort during the massage if you have tense muscles, but after your body will thank you for it. Massage is a beautiful way to rebalance your self as a whole, whenever you feel like it.

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  Sankofa91 6 months ago

I'm definitely one of those people that has left it late but I'm definitely going to get it done.Thanks :)

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 kevind 7 months ago

For a deep tissue no more than once a week, you need to give the body time to recover from tissue stretching and it to removes toxins the body. Normally we recommend for injury or long term complaints a session of 2-4 treatments not more than two weeks apart , review , then out to once a month to maintain. We have been helping restore those with aches and pains for a good number of years and find this works best. Professional degree qualified therapist


 HeadToToe 7 months ago

I find when i am treating people effects can be immediate, or the benefits are more apparent the next day after a good rest, it does depend on the client, money etc but i find most people will book once a week if in need and sometimes once a month. Every case is different and you have to listen to the body and individual needs.


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  Sankofa91 6 months ago

Thank you :)


 TheLogCabin 7 months ago

That depends on you and your finances. You can have a daily massage, weekly or whatever suits you. Effects are immediate and cumulative. Personally I have a weekly session and include a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi every two weeks in my routine.
Go book your treatment and feel the benefits.

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  Sankofa91 6 months ago

I've never heard of a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage,sounds exciting.What's it like?


 taoyincorrectivemedicine 7 months ago

It all depends on the rebalance your body needs.... It's down to your therapist knowing what your needs are and then if you can feel and see them really helping you with your needs.
Check the therapist out and see what their clients say about them

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  Sankofa91 6 months ago

Thanks :)


 cosmictouch 7 months ago

This depends on the client and discussion after consultation but for a deep tissue massage I recommend once a week for the 1st 6 weeks then one once every 2 weeks or once a month. For a relaxing massage you can have one whenever you feel the need to have one. Benefits can be seen after the first treatment but regular massages are recommended to keep on top of it. Hope that answers your question.

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  Sankofa91 6 months ago

Thanks :)


 Mark 7 months ago

as often as you can afford it. You see the benefits immediately if its done properly. Good luck

Sources: massage-london.com

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  Sankofa91 6 months ago

Thanks :)


 andys 6 months ago

Hi you should see the benefits straight away as your muscles and mind starts to relax. Depending on what type of massage you are having, eg sports , deep tissue or aromatherapy The results will vary but every massage should produce positive results calmer less stressed loose muscles not tight shoulders and back muscles. ideal time once a week ,maintenance every six weeks .Having massage when needed is the correct time. thank you Andrew


 PlumEssence 6 months ago

With the correct massage techniques you should see (or feel) the benefits straight away. It also depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the treatment, so you can focus on that too. Depending on the type of massage (ie deep tissue, sports or just relaxation) will depend on the treatment plan. If deep tissue work has been completed, you need the body to recover (as it can be painful during and immediately after the treatment but this will subside) and so I suggest every 2 weeks until you are at the 'maintenance stage', whereby you then have treatments to keep the problems/issues/concerns at bay. This can be as often as your body needs.


 AnneMercer 6 months ago

How often you should have a full body massage depends on a combination of elements: how your body feels, how much time you can devote to it and financial commitments.

If you have no specific injuries, aches or pains a sports massage once every 6wks would be perfect to ensure that any muscle tightness or imbalance is spotted before it can cause pain. If you have a specific reason for seeking a massage it is advisable to have a weekly session until you see a result, usually within a couple of weeks, then reduce down to a massage every couple of weeks until you can leave it for a longer period. Be guided by your body and the recommendation of your therapist. If you choose sport massage this will work on specific muscles and can cause tenderness for a few days following a treatment before it all feels a lot better.

If you have general tension and are looking for stress relief you may find a swedish or hot stone massage more beneficial. This can often include indian head massage which can be excellent for tension originated headaches.

There are so many types of massage available it is worth checking out the qualification of the therapist you choose or seek a recommendation. Look for membership of professional associations as a first step to ensuring you choose a therapist who can deliver results.

Sources: http://www.thestudionorfolk.co.uk


 RichardLawton 6 months ago

How quickly someone sees the benefits depends on where they're starting from!

It takes a good 48 hours simply for the system to rebalance after a deep massage, so you need at least a 2 day gap between massages. If your musculo-skeletal system is not in great shape you would probably be advised to have weekly deep/remedial sessions to start sorting out the main problems - as part of a health plan that might include exercise, breathwork and nutrition (and seek medical advice first if you're in very bad shape).

If you can afford it (and need it) you might also have some brief remedial work on specific areas in between the weekly full sessions.

Once you're in shape, I would say the ideal is a weekly massage just to keep everything flowing nicely and to optimise overall health and well-being. Of course, not everyone can afford that. Do whatever you can - but try not not leave until problems occur!

My own view is that if everyone had a weekly massage, in the medium to long term we'd see a huge reduction in the demand for GP and other NHS services (including mental health). I would really love to see a government take the brave step of seriously investing in positive health rather than just investing in fighting illness. But I'm not holding my breath on that one!

Sources: http://www.bodymind-integration.co.uk


 ProdigiousHands 6 months ago

There aren't any roles in how often to receive message all depends how you want to keep fit and a good harmony. benefit you can feel , immediately in any massage properly made. Except for deep tissue massage , the muscle need a time to be relat at all after treatment all depent what is the enjury

Sources: http://www.prodigioushands.com


 lirio 6 months ago

Hi depends of type o massage, deep tissue massage takes 2 days to recovery of pressure on the muscle, allow 48 hr to get another massage, Swedish massage is more relaxition. Have massage often depends how level is your stress. Massage always is very good in our diary life.

Sources: http://www.relaxingmassagetherapy.com


 BreatheFitness 6 months ago

The short answer would be as often as you like really. The longer answer depends I suppose on your finances, reasons for needing one i.e. regular in the gym. I get regular massage once every 1-2 weeks not because my muscles need it but also because it would help prevent any tightness or injury as it gives a constant good flow of oxygen and blood around the muscles.

So if you can afford it go for 1 a week and the benefits should be instant.

Sources: http://www.breathefitness.uk.com


 sabnarin-youtpranan 6 months ago

It's very simple darling. What is the reason why you need a good massage? If just for relaxing you can do everyday if you are rich ha ha ha. But if for help your body problems like bad posture, headache, back neck shoulder pain ...if the last treatment quite strong your body have to repair it self about minimum 3 days then you can have other treatment . Good luck

Sources: http://masterthaitherapist.com/index.html


 boutique10 2 months ago

Hi all

It really depends up on the clients , if you have a lot of aches and pains or suffer with eg back problems then 1- 2 weeks, also depends on how much you want to spend and on what types of massages you want.
Hope I have helped
07522 944 222