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Question: Does anyone have any tips for split ends? I want long hair but it never grows past shoulder length!

Asked by ullahhansen 1 year ago

4 answers

I am determined to grow my fine Scandinavian hair long, but every time I get just past shoulder-length it starts unravelling at the ends. Anyone have any good tips? Would a Keratin blow dry help or is it just a case of cutting regularly? All tips welcomed, thanks.

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thomasdylan311 1 year ago

Hi there the only way to get rid of split ends is to have a trim . Once you have had your ends cut you could start to take a hair skin and nails supplement to try to help with growth but pls don't make the so commonly made mistake of not having a regular cut in salon to get it long hair needs regular cuts xxx hope this helps

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TigerLilyBeauty 1 year ago

Regular cuts will help improve your hair and then weekly conditioning repair treatments. When using heated appliances on your hair always protect your hair with a heat protection/styling spray. If you are able to leave your hair to dry naturally as much as possible this will also help. Eating plenty of oily fish is also very good for hair health.

kirill 1 year ago

Regular washing & conditioning with a good conditioner is a thing to do in this case. However, the only thing comes to my mind for eliminating your concern is hair extension. You can do it in your own way. Just like your natural hair colour and texture. With minimum care and maintenance, you can style it as you like it without worrying about your hair problems.

Tinaa 1 year ago

I would highly recommend to change your diet, not to use blow dryer, cut split ends regularly and do home hot oil treatments with natural oils or ingredients for your hair masks. Coconut oil, eggs, honey, almond oils, olive oils, papaya hair mask or banana :) Dont stress, and exercise, good luck !

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