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Question: Gels VS Oils or Creams?

Asked by SilverHand 5 years ago

22 answers

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mellowmassage 5 years ago

I think the gels are interesting. I always have preferred oil, or a combination of oil and lotion, but I know many people who don't like the greasy feel after, which is why I like to use a hot wet towel to wipe them off after the massage. I don't think anything provides the long lasting glide of oil except oil. The gels I have used were good for a minute or two, then tended to feel a little sticky on the skin. I can't remember which brand it was though, maybe biotone. I always end up going back to jojoba or coconut oil in the end.

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staciemiller 5 years ago

I have used biotone gel before. It works well with hot stone treatments. It is actually made to be used for hot stones. But if you are using it strictly for massage you need to be constantly reapplying. I prefer a heavy cream. The clients like it because they don't feel greasy after and it doesn't lose its glide. Plus for me when I have had oil applyed to my skin I end up breaking out, even on my legs. And you also take the chance of getting a client that may be allergic to nut oils. You can purchace a cream nut oil free. Try Lotus Touch multi-purpose massage cream. It is nut oil free and it smells great! :}

Aletheia 5 years ago

I use Olive oil pure 100 percent. They dont feel greasy or sticky. And the sheets wash very clean and no residues and no smell. And I used to use biotone oil and lotion and creams... they smell awful and I tried to wash the sheets. It is not successful. So from now on I use olive oil that doesnt smell. I also can add aroma essential oil and mix them in the olive oil.
Thank you for asking.

Sources: Olive oil use for massage

AngieCalloway 5 years ago

I actually like gels esp. when you have alot of clients who have a lot of body hair , I think the gel works the best .

JoanneB2010 5 years ago

I've used a few gels. One was ok, the other was way too greasy feeling. It actually left a shine on the client's skin. I did not like that. I've been happy with creams, but as you probably noticed they take a while to warm up and give you the glide you want. I really like a nice lotion, they don't stain a client's clothes and the client's like the feel of them on their skin. They also give a good glide. Oils are nice too, they're good when the client doesn't have to go anywhere after the massage, like work. Their hair may get a little oil in it and they may want to shower off oil left on their skin. Also, the oil could stain their clothing, you need to be really good with the draping if they leave on their undergarments, etc. I do however really like the glide of a nice oil.
You might have to try a few gels to see if you like them. I would buy a small bottle in case it's not your favorite. Have fun.

John-Paul 5 years ago

I would use gels, if the person is prone to break outs. Those with normal skin, cream, those with very dry skin oil.

Naomi- 5 years ago

The only gel I have used is Aloe on red inflammed areas to sooth but I have never used a gel for a full treatment, I prefur oils over creams also. I always keep a stock of several different carrier oils and will belnd the appropriate in an appropriate ratio to suit the clients skin type. That way clients don't leave with their skin feeling too oily.

I don't tendto favour creams as I find that these are quite limiting for me when I have clients that present with sensitive skin as you have to be so careful with ingridients in creams . I have a couple that are allergic to common emolients in most creams and for them I have successfully blended good carrier oils that help hydrate their skin and in some cases have helped improve the skins general condition.

Hope that helps

kgline 5 years ago

I've used oils and there is a residue left on the skin that some people don't like. If you have a shower available this helps or a hot towel after the massage. But I find unless the towel is perfectly heated it disrupts the relaxation your just felt from the massage. Oils also stain your linen and creates extra expenses for laundry. I use a cream that has a good glide and doesn't have a scent wihich most clients enjoy. The cream I use also has no allergic reaction to sensity skin which some cliets may have. The use of some oils mayn have allergic reaction with clients. Cream also doesn't stain cloths or linens which cuts your cost in business.

Aromatherapist 5 years ago

You can use a variety of oils or,creams in your practice to suit the clients needs.Oils may be used to refresh,revive,uplift,calm or balance in a carrier oil.For muscular tension you can use a muscle rub containing oils.You can also use massage candles ,combining oils with wax and shea butter for a silky smooth conditioning of the skin.I hope this answers your question.

Diana 5 years ago

I found the perfect lotion. It is called SpaTouch and I found it at Sally's Beauty supply. It's like a cream, and a little goes a long way. I used to use nothing but Biotone,but I like the SpaTouch even better. I also like gels but I rarely use them.

mslaud 5 years ago

I will use creams for foot reflex and oils for abdominal massage although it always depends on what active ingredients are contained in each and how this is best suited to the client. Gels tend not to "hold" very well and therefore not great for prolonged contact IMO.

tclark118 5 years ago

Gel = use when the client can take a shower soon after. Oil = use during treatments where mixtures with essential oils are of significance. Cream = generally absorbed by the skin, for the most part.

I find that creams, however, in my limited experience, sometimes produce an allergic reaction.

KirstensMassage 5 years ago

I have always preferred cream. Lotions don't seem to go far enough and I feel like I am always trying to get enough to cover what I am doing. Oils are okay but they run down my arms and drip onto the sheets and clothes. Creams are nice because they go farther and can be used for both light and deep work. They also (at least mine) absorb into the skin better and leave the client feeling soft and loose rather than caked with lotion or oiled down. I haven't used gels for a complete full body massage because the gel I tried dried up too quickly and didn't do what I wanted for what I was doing. For sports, I would highly recommend gels over the others because I think they are good for sweaty situations and quick work.

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

I use a Biotone cream that melts to an oil and I use oil with Hot Stone massage. I received my first 1/2 gallon of Therapro mass,age gel today so I don't have an opinion about gel at this time.

HeatherMoll 5 years ago

I definately prefer oil to anything else. I like the glide of oil and seems to last longer to me. I have tried gels and think they are ok. I would only use them for deep tissue and trigger point therapy when there is less movement, but I don't like to leave my clients feeling sticky. I have heard that gels are better for clients with extremely sensitive skin though. I don't know this first hand, but have been told that they are less pore clogging. Hope that helps. ; )

Sophynails 5 years ago

Concerned that gels may contain alcholol, so wouldnt be as moisturising. if not whats the problem?

Sources: http://www.sophyrobson.com

healinghands7 5 years ago

I have been a massage therapist for almost 20 years and used to use grape seed oil about 15 years ago I discovered biotone dual purpose massage cream and have never used anything else since. My clients love that they don't feel greasy after a massage and I love how it stays without having to reapply. I also like that it doesn't stain the sheets or clothing.

Answer Comments

SilverHand 2 years ago

Has worked great! Thanks for the suggestion.

SerraWobbema 5 years ago

I've used the Biotone gel before at work and don't really like it. I end up sliding all over the place. With lotions and oils I feel more in control of my actions and techniques. And, honestly, I've not heard many good things about the Biotone products. Many of my fellow colleagues choose not to use it because some of the ingredients are, in fact, not good for the skin. If you're not liking what you are using, perhaps try mixing your favorite lotion and oil to find a nice consistency you feel comfortable using on your clients. (One of my favorite lotions to use is Zen Organics Lavender Massage Lotion)

BalancedHealth 5 years ago

If I am going to do Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue work or Sports Massage then I would definitely use cream because its not as slippery as oil or gel. I like using Biotone dual purpose massage cream, the clients that I use it on love it and don't feel sticky or greasy after. I also use a gel from Biotone that works great and I actually prefer it more than oil because to me it doesn't seem as messy and feels great on my clients. When I am doing Swedish massage I have used the cream and the gel but with the cream I find that I have to apply it a little more than the gel.

AlanaScott 5 years ago

It is truely a personal preference on the practitioners part. I prefer the cream lotion base due to the fact of clean up. Oil and oil based massage products leave a really bad residue on sheets. In fact I have used products that have said water dispersable but are not truely. The "Gel" oil stains my clothing with oil spots, truely the Biotone Duel Creme is a recomended product by far.

andys 5 years ago

The only gel I use is a Icy one this is good for soothing muscles, sports juries when there is swelling involved and post exercise muscle relief. I would not use them all the time but in certain conditions they can be of greater use. As for creams I use a muscle comfort cream its unscented has a smoothed glide absorbs quickly and easily and leaves behind no residue ,its great for sports massage, deep tissue work and relaxing muscle tension. The Chinese therapies use many oils, creams and gels some of these work very well, tiger balm is great for deep tissue work.

Albertdutoit 5 years ago

I am only using wax in my practice. The reason for that is there is a much better connection with the skin. I do a lot of mayofacial work and it require you to work with either no medium or very little. I also find it much better for working deeper, muscle spesific techniques and with trigger point therapy because again, a better connection with the skin and less likely to slip of the area.

Being a mobile therapist working with wax is also so much easier and you do not have to worry about clients carpets and clothes so much and on a practical side, my towls and sheets stays oudor free and is much easier to clean. (oils tend to leave a rancid smeel after a while and no matter how much you wash it still has that typical massage oil smell)

I use either Tui massage wax or Grace massage wax. Both are available in plain or various aromatherapy smells and works very well with hot stone massage too.

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