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Question: How do I cover grey roots at home?

Asked by MsSerendipity 1 year ago

4 answers

I have dark brown hair and have to dye my roots at home to cover greys every two weeks. I am considering having highlights put in at the salon, but I am worried about the upkeep at home. If I touch up the roots, will all my hair (including highlighted sections) grab the colour and make the highlights a waste of money? I'm being offered the highlights at a trainee price and couldn't afford to go to the salon every fortnight to have my roots redone.

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Milliediva 1 year ago

You know, in small hair shops (eg afro hair shops ) you can get hair mascara and hair crayons, which you could use to cover greys! I do this at home, as it is very bad for my hair having to colour it every four weeks! :(

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CarlosLondon 1 year ago

Hi personally i believe having your hair highlighted would be a risk if you colour you own hair with supermarket products on a regular basis as the only option it would leave the technician with is bleach lightener and if the colour has been applied resiliently it would have an uneven result possibly showing signs on pink red and orange on the highlighted areas, if you were to go ahead i would not colour your own hair for 6 to 8 weeks and use fairy washing up liquid and/or head & shoulders to remove as much tint as possible to give the technician the best possible chance of obtaining a good result.

now on to the subject of maintaining it yourself??? that all depends on you patients and skill level i personally think the best technicians i have would struggle to do that so my advice is don't bother unless you have the money to have it maintained buy a professional.

Dominic @ Carlos London Hairdressing

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MsSerendipity 1 year ago

Thank you, I feared that would be the case, I'm so bored with my hair colour, and having to hide the grey roots all the time, it seemed like such a good offer, but they usually are too good to be true, thank you for your help!

bronzedfx 1 year ago

I use a product called WOW. It's a powder - comes in a palette no bigger than your eyeshadow type. You apply with a small brush. It doesn't come off unless you shampoo your hair so no problems with rain! I really think its effective, good enough to get away with that's for sure. I've got very white hair at my roots and there's no way I'm "embracing" you can buy it online.

Abi10 1 year ago

hmm seems like you find colouring damaging (which it is...) did you think of trying henna? May or may not work for you but yeah :)

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