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Question: Is teeth whitening painful?

Asked by Vipsmile 2 years ago

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DrDemir 2 years ago

If you have treatment done with reputable dental professionals registered with the general dental council, they are likely to use whitening methods that are legal, and contain sesensitisers, They will also make sure you don't have any cracked fillings teeth etc that may cause pain.

Sources: http://www.dsstudio.co.uk/dental_health/teeth_whitening_london.html

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DiamondWhiteTeeth 2 years ago

Hello. There are some treatments that can be on the side of painful, such as laser treatments. I have heard some horror stories. However, the main method is a 'bleaching/whitening' method, whereby a whitening gel is painted on to the enamel and then a LED light is placed over the teeth to increase the process. This is a completely pain free method as the gels used have been passed by all regulations and contain de-sensitizers.

As Dr Demir states below, you must ensure your practitioner follows all guidelines, is insured and licensed. They do not need to be a dentist or registered with the GDC as this is a cosmetic procedure and not a dental one, stated by Law. But do check their credentials and insurance.

Clients with severe gum disease, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and anyone under 16 should avoid this procedure.

Should you wish to proceed, Diamond will be delighted to assist, or help with further questions....


CelebrityDentist 2 years ago

Teeth whitening should have no pain or discomfort. Any discomfort is a warning signal that something must be done in regards to your teeth. I highly recommend you have a complete evaluation , before commencing treatment, and check specially for root sensitivity, leaking fillings, areas of recessions on gums, and micro fractures particularly, and then proceed.
for further information, please see:
Dr Mobasser
Celebrity Dentist

Sources: http://www.celebritydentist.com

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