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Question: I need a good moisturizer can anyone recommend one for pretty dry skin?

Asked by Jaclyn2 2 years ago

9 answers

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AdancedBeauty 2 years ago

Hi , i make my own products to give my clients the very best skincare with out the hefty price tag and with out the unnecessary preservative, parabens , mineral oils etc, they are mostly organic, if you would like more info please message me

Best Wishes

Georgia Advanced Beauty Solutions

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bodysilk 2 years ago

Try Professional Vitamin C Serum 10% by Obagi followed by Cream Hydrate by Obagi. Your skin will love it!

Sources: http://www.bodysilk.co.uk

ambassadors 2 years ago

Use 100% pure Organic Coconut oil.

Rischaria 2 years ago

I know a really good intensive skin therapy moisturizer. That leave your skin smoother and healthier in just 24 hour. Very good for dry skin. You can email me at rischariahandsofmagic@yahoo.com or call 651-726-4056. So I can show you how to order the product and save 30-40%. Its all natural. We also have other products thats all natural that you might be interested in I will use a souce below were you can watch a youtube video. Just contact Rischaria for any questions.

Sources: search youtube. Wellness overview by stephanie peters its about 2 months ago. These are all great products we use everday with over 350 products

lirio 2 years ago

Hi someone just answer try obagi they are very good products recommend by doctors of skin. I use obagi my skin is very smooth. Facial bromley

Sources: Http://http://www.relaxingmassagetherapy.co.uk

MoniqueH 2 years ago

Hi there

I recently wrote an article on combating dry skin all the products i recommend are all natural, organic and free from nasty chemicals

I hope this helps



Kind regards


puoreproductions 2 years ago

Hi Jaclyn, I'd recommend Arbonne products for your dry skin. I've just started using their Fc5 range and love it. PM me if you'd like more info.

Aquarius77 2 years ago

Hello I have been using Dermalogica moisturiser for over two years now and they are amazing! They las forever as well… I suffered with roseca on left cheek for ages and using this cleared it up right away… the rest of their range also very good… their facial scrub is fantastic leaves your skin so clean and smooth… I would not be without it now…

Bluejay994u2 1 year ago

Have you ever tried our Aloe Vera based moisturizers, 3 main kinds with different thicknesses and one contains additional Propolis benefits from the Be hive, ideal for Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin complaints.

You can view these and our other Skin Care products here;

or contact me directly for more information on 07855 307016


James Leighton
The KMF Group

Sources: https://www.foreverliving.com/retail/shop/shopping.do?categoryName=Skincare+R&task=shopCategory

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